Father's Day Gift Guide

June 17, 2021

Author: Michelle Wardle

What’s that we hear? The crackle of BBQs being fired up. A cold one being cracked open. The well-timed delivery of a dad joke. That can only mean one thing—Father’s Day is right around the corner.

So be sure to celebrate your old man with some rest and relaxation this year. Need a lastminute gift? We’ve curated some good ones for you. Plus, you can save up to 20% sitewide during our 4th of July Sale. Ends 7/5.

A Tuft and Needle Throw Blanket thrown on a chair.

Throw Blanket

Movie marathon. Prime couch potato time. Brand new throw blanket. Sounds like a pretty good way to spend Father’s Day if you ask us.

A dog laying in the Tuft and Needle Dog Bed.
Dog Bed

Spoil your favorite dog dad with some park time. Then top it off with a T&N dog bed and some quality rest.

T&N original foam pillow

Original Foam Pillow

When in doubt, give them the gift of a nice long nap. And a nice supportive Foam Pillow.

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