What do you wake up for?

Reawaken yourself to the world around you by reconnecting with the power of rest.

When we’re rested, we’re more present, more energetic, and more open to experiences happening around us.

Maybe we’ll make breakfast with the kids, and actually sit down together to enjoy it. Maybe we’ll have the motivation to go for a run, and even start training for that half-marathon. Maybe we’ll have the energy to volunteer for the food drive, and sign up to help on a regular basis.

At Tuft & Needle, we’ve always been inspired by what our customers can do with their days after a great night’s sleep.

Since we started in 2012, we’ve made listening to our customers our priority. We didn’t like what we saw in the mattress industry and heard that customers felt taken advantage of. So we created an experience that made mattress shopping easy and enjoyable, with best-in-class customer service and innovative products. Our materials are thoughtfully selected and responsibly crafted into products we believe in—all of them free from known harmful chemicals, making the air we wake up to cleaner. We even developed our own Adaptive foam, iterating hundreds of times based off years of customer feedback.

Our goal?

To create a sleep experience that allows you to fully relax and rest. So you can reclaim the night and start looking forward to the day.

Why Tuft & Needle

Knowing sleep is essential to wellness, we offer everything you need to take care of yourself and wake up awake.

Innovative design

We’re advancing sleep technology with materials like our own cooling, more contouring Adaptive foam—and by constantly iterating.

Responsibly crafted

Rest easy knowing our mattresses, bed frames, bedding, sheets, pillows, and dog beds are free from harmful chemicals, making the air you wake up to cleaner.

100-night trial

We offer our trial and free returns as reassurance, but if you’re looking for more—95% of our customers keep their T&N products.

Hassle-free warranty

As a mattress company we stand behind our products. That’s why our mattresses come with an easy-to-use 10-year limited warranty.

What is T&N Adaptive® foam?

Essential to our mattresses, T&N Adaptive foam was created based on customer feedback to provide pressure relief where you need it most. The open-cell structure offers a flexible sleep surface that responds and adjusts with you.

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In their words

Comfy and supportive. Comfiest bed I have ever owned. My aches and pains have become less and less.

Sam O

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Verified Review

This is my second mattress from Tuft and Needle. Fast delivery, easy set up, and great sleep.


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Verified Review

My favorite mattress ever since I bought my 1st one about 5 years ago.....still have that mattress and still as firm as I bought it.


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Verified Review

Love the mattress This is my 10th mattress. I have given them as gifts, as well as, in both of my homes. Love them!

Kathy R

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How does a Tuft & Needle mattress compare to a memory foam mattress?

Memory foam is known for feeling comfortable at first but has drawbacks that include sleeping hot and lacking the necessary support your body needs. It retains the heat from your body and molds to your shape, causing body impressions in the mattress. Because of this, chances of having indents in your memory foam mattress can be a bit higher.

The T&N mattress has a 6.5- inch support layer on the bottom that helps keep your spine and neck properly aligned. The top comfort layer is 3 inches of Tuft & Needle Adaptive Foam, a proprietary foam unique to our company alone, which provides pressure relief and support without feeling like you're sinking in and getting trapped. It's also infused with a cooling gel and graphite to help you sleep cool.

The Mint mattress has a 6.5-inch support layer, a 3-inch Adaptive Foam and graphite layer, and a 2-inch Adaptive Foam and ceramic gel layer. The Mint mattress includes all the benefits of the original T&N mattress, but with enhanced cooling factors, reinforced edge support, and a removeable, washable grey cover.

Why are you called Tuft & Needle?

When JT and Daehee were in the early days of beginning their company, JT asked his neighbor, a master upholsterer, to teach him how to make a mattress. In the process of creating his first mattress, JT learned to tuft the mattress by hand with a large tufting needle.When brainstorming names for the company, JT and Daehee wanted something that sounded authentic, timeless, and modern. JT remembered the tufting needle he used to make his first mattress and decided to call the company "Tuft & Needle". You can read the full story on our blog, linked here.

Where can I try or purchase Tuft & Needle products in person?

We do have brick and mortar store locations where you can try or buy our products in person! We have a location in each of the following cities:

Scottsdale, Arizona
Gilbert, Arizona
Beaverton, Oregon
Seattle, Washington
Leawood, Kansas
Austin, Texas
Raleigh, North Carolina
Glendale, California

Inventory and product availability may vary by location. The Stores page on our website can tell you where you can try, pick up, or order our products in person, including through third party sellers like Crate & Barrel. Input your zip code on the Stores page to see the nearest location(s) to you.

For more information on the retail approach in our CA, AZ, OR, WA, KS, TX, and NC locations, please visit our All Stores page.

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