T&N Adaptive® Foam

Designed with bounce-back support, contouring comfort, and breathability

Why You’ll Love T&N Adaptive® Foam

Essential to all our mattresses, T&N Adaptive® Foam features a unique open-cell technology that responds to your pressure points. Unlike memory foam, it never sags or sinks.

Pressure Relief

Cooling Technology


Comfort that lasts

Superior Support & Pressure Relief

Our open-cell technology contours without sinking and offers a supportive-yet-flexible sleep surface that responds to you.

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Cooling Technology

Infused with heat-conducting graphite and cooling ceramic gel, T&N Adaptive® Foam creates the optimal sleep temperature throughout the night.

Comfort That Lasts

T&N Adaptive® Foam doesn’t leave body impressions, unlike most memory foams. It’s comfort that will stand the test of time.

Close-up view of the materials used in a Tuft and Needle mattress

Best-in-Class Breathability

Our open-cell technology also allows air to flow freely for a cooler night’s sleep—another key difference from memory foam.

Refresh your takeoff and landing.

Sleeping on an airplane is now actually comfortable. Tuft & Needle partners with JetBlue to bring the coziness of home to 30,000 feet with all-new Mint suites.

Why Tuft & Needle

Knowing sleep is essential to wellness, we offer everything you need to take care of yourself and wake up awake.

Innovative design

We’re advancing sleep technology with materials like our own cooling, more contouring Adaptive foam—and by constantly iterating.

Responsibly crafted

Rest easy knowing our mattresses, bed frames, bedding, sheets, pillows, and dog beds, and more are free from harmful chemicals, making the air you wake up to cleaner.

100-night trial

We offer our trial and free returns as reassurance, but if you’re looking for more—95% of our customers keep their T&N products.

Hassle-free warranty

As a mattress company we stand behind our products. That’s why our mattresses come with an easy-to-use 10-year limited warranty.

In their words

Just got a second home and this is the second T&N I have bought. Bought my first one 7 years ago and didn’t even consider another brand when I needed a new one for the new house. So darn comfy!!


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Verified Review

We’ve been T&N lovers for over 10 years. These mattresses can’t be beat for their comfort and build quality. Absolutely world class.


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Verified Review

Comfortable! I love the new “mint” mattress. Just enough pillow top to make it soft for achy bodies, and still perfectly firm. This is my third T&N mattress and highly recommend it.

Elle T.

Verified Review

We are absolutely in love with this mattress. This is our second mattress purchase from Tuft & Needle. We went from a queen to the king mint. We couldn't be more happy with our new mattress.

Heather S

Verified Review

This mattress is the best ever made. It also keeps me cool through the night. It is firm but I feel like I melt into it! This is my third Tuft & Needle mattress and can honestly say they have always been perfect.


Verified Review

Best night sleep, I’ve ever had!! Both myself and my husband agree that we had a much restful sleep! I tend to prefer a cooler mattress as I get overheated easily, and this mattress really helps to cool and regulate the temperature!


Verified Review


What kind of foam does Tuft & Needle use?

We use T&N Adaptive® foam, which is a type of poly-foam and is unique to our company. It provides great body contouring and support and is comfortable for all sleep styles. T&N Adaptive® foam is open-celled by nature, meaning heat and air can flow through it more easily. This helps you sleep cooler throughout the night. Our Original and Mint mattresses are especially good at limiting motion transfer so that when your partner is switching positions, you feel it less.

Unique to our Mint Hybrid mattress is the Micro Diamond Memory Foam: this foam is infused with diamond particles designed to move heat away from the sleeper

Want to learn more about foam? Visit our blog here.

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