Two new products, designed to make everyday easier.

Two new products, designed to make everyday easier.

May 25, 2021

Author: Megan Shagam

The Nook Nightstand

Woman sits on bed next to her Nook Nightstand.

After creating the perfect wood bed frame, we figured it was time to outfit your bedroom even more. That’s why we got out our saws and went to work creating the ultimate bedside companion.

Whether you’re a fan of oak, or more partial to walnut, we’re giving you the sleekest solid wood nightstand you’ve ever seen. And since the Nook knows that looks aren’t the only thing that matters, it made sure to come standard with enough storage space for late night snacks, books you’re too embarrassed to leave out, and like 4 empty water bottles, which you should consider throwing those away at some point. Seriously.

Finally the day has come for you to stop pining for the perfect nightstand, and simply decide if you’re going with oak or walnut.

The Everywhere End Table

The Everywhere End Table.

Cold drinks? Covered. Pictures of you and your beloved? Clearly. That vintage lamp your aunt gave you? Why not. Not only is the Everywhere End Table the perfect home for all sorts of knickknacks, it also oozes with style all on its own.

This minimalist dream is made of either solid oak or solid walnut, and honestly you can’t go wrong either way. No matter what room you’re already picturing it in, we promise it will match the aesthetic.

Our main goal with the Everywhere End Table was to bring the same high-quality, solid wood products Tuft & Needle is known for, to any room that could use a little more space for anything. We like to think of this as the end table that just makes sense, everywhere it sits.

Both the Nook Nightstand and Everywhere End Table are now available in solid oak or solid walnut. And, not to brag, but we’re certain they’ll look perfect next to your Tuft & Needle Wood Frame, or wherever you decide to have them reside.

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