Travel and bed pillow options to provide support for any type of sleeper.

The Perfect Pillow for the Perfect Sleep

Pillows are essential to a great night’s sleep but we know that your pillow preference is extremely personal. That’s why we spent a long time developing and iterating on the pillows we offer.

  • The luxury Down Pillow is ideal for side and back sleepers and has responsibly sourced, quality down that helps regulate your body temperature.
  • The Original Foam Pillow is perfect for any sleep position and designed to stay cool and conform to your head and neck.
  • The Down Alternative Pillow is best for side and back sleepers and is hypoallergenic and lightweight, so every night feels like sleeping on a cloud.
  • The body pillow was designed to provide extra support for pregnancy and side sleepers.

Available online and in-store in Standard, King, Euro and Body sizes, you're sure to find the support, feel and size option that will set you on the right path to start waking up awake every morning.




How do I choose the right pillow for me?

To select the best pillow for you, consider its fill options. For tossers, turners, and rough sleepers alike, opt for foam support that will conform to your body—no matter the position it assumes. For back and side sleepers, or those who prioritize cool temperatures, down pillows’ temperature-regulating materials and light, plush feel promise a sound sleep and an ache-free morning. And for those concerned about allergens? The down alternative pillow’s hypoallergenic fill gives you the featheriness of down without the threat of allergies.


What's the difference between standard size and king size pillows?

A standard size pillow is approximately 9-10 inches shorter in length than a king size pillow but generally are the same size in width.


European pillow vs standard and do you sleep on Euro pillows?

Euro pillows are square in shape where standard sized one are rectangular and fit standard size pillowcases. As far as sleeping on a European pillow, you certainly can but this size is mostly used for decorative purposes and to provide head and back support when reading or watching TV.


How often should pillows be replaced?

In an ideal world you would replace your pillows every few years but this time frame can vary based on several different types of factors. If your pillow is showing any of the following signs, it is probably time to part ways.

  • Noticeable lumps in the foam or filler materials
  • Permanent stains from body sweat and oil
  • You start waking up with aches and pains in your neck and shoulders
  • You are sneezing or wheezing more often when in bed
  • You constantly have to fluff your pillow to get comfortable (feather pillows)
  • You fold the pillow in half and it stays that way instead of expanding back out (feather and cotton pillows)

Can I wash my pillows?

The short answer is mostly yes, but not always. Learn more about how to wash pillows here.

Why Tuft & Needle

Knowing sleep is essential to wellness, we offer everything you need to take care of yourself and wake up awake.

Innovative design

We’re advancing sleep technology with materials like our own cooling, more contouring Adaptive foam—and by constantly iterating.

Responsibly crafted

Rest easy knowing our mattresses, bed frames, bedding, sheets, pillows, and dog beds are free from harmful chemicals, making the air you wake up to cleaner.

100-night trial

We offer our trial and free returns as reassurance, but if you’re looking for more—95% of our customers keep their T&N products.

Hassle-free warranty

As a mattress company we stand behind our products. That’s why our mattresses come with an easy-to-use 10-year limited warranty.

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