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What Mattress Size is Best for You? A Bed Sizes Chart / Guide by Tuft and Needle

April 05, 2024

Author: T&N Team

Choosing what size mattress you need seems like a no brainer, but there are several factors to keep in mind beyond just the different mattress sizes.

Your current sleeping arrangement and living space could be the reason you buy a twin XL instead of a full size bed, while future plans may lead you to purchase a king over a queen sized bed.

When it comes to mattresses—one size does not fit all, but we’re here to share all the information you need to make sure you make the decision that’s right for you. Let’s walk through the bed sizes together–consider this your mattress sizes guide!

Before we jump into the benefits of sizes, here’s an index and quick mattress/bed sizes chart US for reference:


Mattress sizes and dimensions chart


39″ X 75″ 39″ X 80″ 54″ X 75″ 60″ X 80″ 76″ X 80″ 72″ X 84″


Twin (bed dimensions = 39″ x 75″)

The Twin offers just the right amount of space for solo sleepers of any age. It’s compatible with special frames like daybeds and bunk beds, and won’t crowd even the smallest of rooms. Because of its narrow width, the Twin isn’t perfect for arm stretchers or rollers, but stationary sleepers looking for something minimal and cost-effective—meet your match!

RECAP: Twins are best for kids, single sleepers, daybeds, bunk beds, and smaller bedrooms.

A boy and his dog laying on a Tuft and Needle twin sized bed in his bedroom full of toys
Recommendation: We designed the Twin T&N Original to have bounce-back support that stays cool—perfect for a single sleeper.


Twin XL (bed dimensions = 39″ x 80″)

The twin XL boasts an extra 5” in length, offering more legroom for people who are tall or on the verge of a growth spurt. We recommend the XL for snoozers—young or old—who are 5’8’’ to 6’3’’. Even shorties may want the extra length, especially if they have pets that like sleeping at the foot of the bed. The XL is often used for dorm rooms and split king setups, but it will fit in a variety of spaces. Just keep in mind that finding bed frames and accessories can be tricky because the XL isn’t as popular as the twin or full.

RECAP: Twins XL’s are best for kids who may grow to be tall, single adults, college students, and longer, skinnier bedrooms.
Woman sleeping on a Tuft & Needle Original mattress on her side in her bedroom with plants, clothes and a guitar
Recommendation: The Twin XL T&N Original is ideal if you’re looking for a bed in this size because of its highly durable yet cozy foam and approachable price point.


Split King (mattress dimensions of 2 twin XLs – 78″ x 80″)

Two Twin XLs walk into a bedroom…and become a Split King. Yup, the Split King is two Twin XLs put together. This setup works well for shared beds with people who have different sleep schedules or comfort preferences. It’s also compatible with adjustable frames (with sides that move independently). These can be broken down into single parts, which simplifies moving and set up, but bear in mind that not all frames and accessories are compatible with split kings.

RECAP: Split Kings are best for couples who have different sleep schedules and completely different preferences in bed firmness and support.

Recommendation: For the Split King, we recommend ordering 2 Twin XL Hybrids for the foam + springs combination that keeps you comfortable but supported all night long.


Full (bed dimensions = 54″ x 75″)

The Full, sometimes called Double, works well in many situations. It’s small enough to fit into compact spaces but offers just enough space for pairs. This size is a practical choice for guest rooms, as well as **co-sleeping, urbanites, parties of one, couples that don’t need a lot of space to move, growing kids, and pet parents who always save a spot for their fur babies. If you like to accessorize your bed, take into account that not every brand or style is available in this size.

**We recommend consulting with a professional before co-sleeping with an infant or young child.

RECAP: Fulls are best for growing kiddos, young adults, adults, or couples with limited space and/or who like to snuggle.
Two woman sitting up and talking on a Tuft & Needle Full size Mint mattress
Recommendation: We specifically built our Full Mint with two sleepers in mind by including an extra layer of T&N Adaptive® Foam for extra pressure relief.


Queen (bed mattress size = 60″ x 80″)

The Queen delivers more space without the overwhelming footprint of a King. It accommodates couples, co-sleepers, growing families (with kids and pets), and even lone wolves who want to roam free. Fulls and Queens are a smart choice for city dwellers who want a bed that’s big enough to stretch out on but doesn’t crowd their tiny rooms. Queens and Kings are among the highest-selling sizes so there are plenty of sheets, frames, and accessories available at varying price points.

RECAP: Queens are best for couples or adults who want to stay on the lower end of a budget and still want to be able to have room to spread out.
Man sitting on the edge of an unmade Tuft and Needle Mint mattress in a navy bedroom
Recommendation: Our Queen Mint was built to accommodate two sleepers—even two sleepers with differing comfort preferences. Our extra Mint layer of the T&N Adaptive® foam provides cushioned support and extra pressure relief.


King (bed sizes US = 76″ x 80″)

The King works well in big rooms and is a top pick for couples and families with extra space. The size allows sleepers to spread out—a must when sharing a bed with a restless or hot sleeper who tosses and turns, or someone who runs on a different sleep schedule. People who have (or want) human kids or pet kids will need the 76” width—it’s a luxury when the kids start enjoying your bed more than their own, trust us.

RECAP: Kings are best for couples who like to have their own space or who share a bed with animals and/or children and have a shorter, wider bedroom.
Family of four laughing and playing in bed made with Tuft & Needle bedding
Recommendation: We designed the King Hybrid with 5 alternating layers of foam and springs for the best of both worlds. Plus, we included a perimeter of increased density coils for our best edge support.


California King (bed size = 72″ x 84″)

**Contrary to popular belief, the Cal King is not bigger than a regular King. It’s the slimmer version of the King that fits more easily into longer, narrower, awkward spaces (although it may be more costly and time-consuming finding accessories in this size). With the loss of 4” in width, Cal King users gain 4” in length. The width is still accommodating for singles or couples who want a little rolling room, but the extended length is the highlight. Tall people (6’0’’ and up) who need to stretch out and pets who like lying at the foot of the bed will appreciate the longer length.

RECAP: California Kings are best for couples where one or more of them is over 6’0″ tall and/or have a longer, narrow bedroom.

**King and Cal King mattresses have different mattress dimensions. To avoid order mixups, check the size of your existing frame (or accessories) before making a purchase. Remember: California Kings, like the state, are long and narrow. Regular Kings are wider and shorter.
Family of three sitting on their Tuft & Needle bed smiling and laughing
Recommendation: For our taller customers, we recommend the California King Hybrid for its personalized softness, support, and heat regulation—all with a little bit more bounce.

A mattress is an investment you don’t want to replace or exchange every couple of years—we understand. There is no right or wrong answer to “What size mattress is best for you?” Take the time to think through your current situation and where the future might lead, and you’ll find your fit!

We included our own recommendations along the way, but we also suggest before you buy mattress products that you browse all of our different models, available in all the bed sizes above, here.

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