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Shopping Guide: How to Bundle and Save on Mattresses, Bedding & More

November 07, 2023

Author: Chanahra Fletcher

Let’s face it: shopping for bedding can get expensive. From supportive mattresses to fine linen sheets, the cost of high-quality beds and bedding can add up. Yet, cheaper options often have a low quality to match—making it necessary to spend more for replacements every year. At T&N, we recognized this problem—and since giving you the best sleep is our priority—we created a solution to help you rest easy. Introducing: our Tuft & Needle bundles. With T&N bundles, you can score additional savings off mattress and bedding deals when you purchase them together. This makes it easier—and cheaper—to decorate your home with high-quality accessories at an exceptionally affordable price. If you’re in the market for the best of T&N mattresses, bedding, and more, read on to discover how we can help you bundle and save.

Step One: Decide Which Bundle Is Best For You

The first step in our bundling process is choosing which option works best for you. At Tuft & Needle, we offer four bundle options: the Essential Bundle, the Complete Mattress Bundle, the Percale Bundle, and the Linen Bundle. Each option lets you purchase and save for different items across the T&N collection. Since each bundle includes unique items designed for different needs, it’s essential to know which sleep essentials you want before you start bundling. Before starting the process, decide if you need:

Stacked on top of the Tuft & Needle Original mattress is 2 down alternative pillows, folded sheets and folded pillowcases. Picture has a green background with gold stars.

  • The Essential Bundle — this bundle includes a Mattress Protector, a Down Alternative Pillow Set, and any Sheet Set of your choice. By purchasing all three items together, you can save an additional 15% on top of sale pricing the items—meaning you’ll save even more than the advertised discount. As our most general option, the Essential Bundle is perfect for those seeking to refresh the bedding in their home, whether it’s for their room, their child’s, or a guest bedroom. It’s a great building block of sleep essentials perfect for those who need the basics. Whether you’re shopping for new bedding for your child’s college dorm or want to gift the perfect set to a newlywed couple, the Essential Bundle gives you the basics you need to save more and sleep better

Stacked on top of a Tuft & Needle mint mattress is a mattress protector, two down alternative pillows, folded sheets and folded pillowcases. Picture has a bluish green background with gold stars.

  • The Complete Mattress Bundle — this bundle includes any T&N Mattress, Mattress Protector, Down Alternative Pillow Set, and any Sheet Set of your choice. Similar to the Essential Bundle, the Complete Mattress Bundle gives you all the building blocks you needed to complete the perfect sleep. With any mattress of your choice, you can decide whether you want the classic comfort of the T&N Original, the increased pressure relief of the Mint, or the innovative comfort of our Mint Hybrid mattress. And with the ability bundle a mattress protector, sheet set, and Down Alternative Pillow Set with the purchase, this bed bundle makes it easy to get all the comfort essentials with one purchase.

Tuft & Needle white duvet insert folded, 2 white pillows and a white percale sheet set folded all stacked on top of each other. Picture has a rust background with gold stars.

  • The Percale Bundle — this bundle includes any Percale Sheet Set, any Percale Duvet Cover Set, and any Duvet Insert. Crafted from 100% Supima cotton, percale is known for its soft, silky, hotel-bed feel. Perfect for those who want a bedding refresh, or want to try a new bedding material for the first time, this bedding bundle allows sleepers to save 15% when they purchase the three bundle items together.

Tuft & Needle white linen duvet insert and cover folded, 2 white pillows, and linen sheets folded all stacked on top of each other. Picture has a red background with gold stars.

  • The Linen Bundle — The Linen Bundle allows you experience the comfort and cozy breathability of linen by saving 15% on any Linen Sheet Set, any Linen Duvet Cover, and any Duvet Insert. Perfect for those who want a fresh take on their bedding, linen is the perfect year-round material for any sleeper.

Step Two: Shop Your Bundle Items

The second step to building your bundle is shopping for which color and materials you want per set. If you’re buying:

Four images in a collage. Top left is hemp sheets. Top right is organic jersey sheets. Bottom left is percale sheets. Bottom right is linen sheets. All Tuft & Needle sheets sets.

  • The Essential Bundle — You can choose between linen, percale, jersey, and hemp sheet sets. Of these options, you can also choose which color sheet set you’d like. While each sheet set material has differing qualities and benefits (see our bedding fabric guide), all of our options at T&N are made with responsibly sourced, quality-crafted materials to ensure you sleep well for years to come.

5 circles showing the different colors of sheets Tuft & Needle offers

  • The Complete Mattress Bundle — The T&N Original, Mint, and Mint Hybrid mattresses are each available in Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, and Cal King sizes. With the option to bundle any sheet size and material with the Complete mattress bundle—along with any size mattress protector and down alternative pillow set—you can save no matter which size set you purchase.

5 circles showing the different colors of sheets Tuft & Needle offers

  • The Percale Bundle — Crafted for 100% Percale Sheet Sets are offered in a variety of modern, cozy colors across Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, and California King sizes, so you can have elevated bedding no matter your mattress size.
  • The Linen Bundle — Linen Sheets are offered in a range of calming, cooling colors across Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, and California King sizes, so your bed can look as light, airy, and breathable as linen makes you feel.

Screenshot of a Tuft & Needle shopping cart with a mattress protector, down alternative pillow set and percale sheet set in it.

Step Three: Separately Add Each Item to Your Cart

In this case, it’s as easy said as it is done. Once you decide on which colors, materials, and sizes you’d like your bundle items to be, <b>add each item to the cart separately</b>. For example, if you’re purchasing the Essential Bundle, first shop our Sheet Sets on the T&N website, choose which size, color, and material you’d like, and click add to cart. Next, search our Mattress Protector, select the right size, and add it to your cart. Finally, search for our Down Alternative Pillow set, select from standard or king sizes, and add it to your cart. Once all items are in your cart, you’re ready to finalize your bundle’s discounts!

Screenshot of the discount code typed out in the discount code box on the Tuft & Needle website

Step Four: Enter the Correct Bundle Code at Checkout

Once each bundle item is in your cart, it’s time to add the qualifying bundle code for your purchase. In the section labeled “discount code”, type the corresponding code for your bundle to receiving your savings. If you purchased items for:

  • The Essential Bundle — Type ESSENTIAL15
  • The Complete Mattress Bundle — Type MATTRESS15
  • The Percale Bundle — Type PERCALE15
  • The Linen Bundle — Type LINEN15

Once you’ve typed the correct code into the section labeled “discount code”, click “Apply” and watch as your savings calculate!

Woman laying in comfy Tuft & Needle bed reading with snow covered trees outside of her window.

Step Five: Sleep Well and Save More with T&N

Whether you’re a first-time homebuyer who needs a new mattress or you’re simply switching up your decor, we at T&N have everything you need to bundle and save. From cushiony, supportive pillows to luxuriously soft percale sheets, our mattress and bedding bundles make it easy to sleep well, rest easy, and save.

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