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How to Get Your Home Ready for Guests During the Holiday Season

December 14, 2023

Author: Chanahra Fletcher

Tis the season for roasted turkeys, flickering menorahs, and presents under the tree. From the jiggling cranberry sauce of Thanksgiving to the colored candles of Kwanza, the holiday season is filled with fun, family, and—coincidentally—overnight guests. The sounds of laughter at the dining table can quickly turn into snores on the couch. And when your temporary guests suddenly turn into overnight ones, it’s important to be prepared. When that happens, we at T&N have you covered. From curating the perfect guest room to buying the softest sheets, read on to discover how to prepare for house guests this holiday season.

Invest in a Supportive Mattress or Mattress Topper

Corner of the Tuft & Needle Mint mattress sitting on a white bed frame in front of a green background with gold stars

Whether your overnight visitors are staying two nights or two weeks, it’s important to research how to find the best mattress for a guest room before they arrive. This way, you can prep, whether their stay is preplanned or not. If you have a spare room to house guests, consider turning it into a permanent guest bedroom. Then, shop for decor that will function whether it’s the holiday season or not. One of the best guest bedroom ideas we recommend is a mattress that’s comfortable for all types of sleepers— like our Mint mattress. With supportive, firm foam at its base and two layers of pressure-relieving T&N Adaptive® foam under the surface, its medium feel offers the best support for all sleeping positions. Plus, its reinforced foam edges make it perfect for those stretching out or sharing a bed, and the removable, washable top cover makes cleaning after your guests a breeze.

Corner of a Tuft & Needle mattress topper. Picture has a green background with gold stars.

If you don’t have a dedicated guest room, spring instead for a mattress topper. Perfect for sleeper sofas or pull-out couches, a mattress topper adds the perfect amount of comfort to any sleep surface. And since our Mattress Topper is made of the same, prized T&N Adaptive® foam, it’ll give your guests a great night’s sleep—for however long they choose to stay.

Buy Year-Round Sheets

Two Tuft & Needle pillows stacked on top of each other with linen sheets folded on top of them. Picture has a green background with gold stars.

Another tip to making your guests feel at home is buying a sheet set that’s comfortable year-round. Year-round fabrics, like our Linen Sheet Sets, feel breezy in the summer yet warm under winter covers, making them perfect for guests who prefer different sleep temperatures. Their natural fibers get softer with each wash, meaning they’ll last for many holiday seasons to come. Plus, linen is naturally moisture-wicking, so even the hottest sleeper can enjoy a sweat-free night. Choosing a sheet set for guests can be tricky. With so many different types of sleepers, it can feel difficult to choose one that fits the needs of all. But, with its 100% European flax makeup, breathable quality, and soft feel, our Linen Sheet Set is the closest thing to perfect for all of your guests.

Incorporate Removable Layers

Tuft & Needle blue reversible quilt folded so you can see both sides of the quilt. Picture has a green background with gold stars.


Since each guest’s sleep preferences are unique, it can be difficult to find that “just right” sleep temperature for everyone in your home. To avoid any family feuds over the thermostat, make sure to place a removable layer—like a quilt—in your extra bedroom. Placing a quilt on top of your bedding set gives your guests the option to sleep warm with it or cool without it. Plus, with options like our Reversible Quilt available, when the quilt isn’t in use, it serves as the perfect piece of decor.

Prepare Your “Sleep Anywhere” Essentials

Half of the original foam pillow from Tuft & Needle. Picture has a green background with gold stars.

From sleeping on the couch to breaking out the air mattress, the holiday season often ends with someone sleeping in a precarious place. When this happens, it’s important to make guests comfortable with handy sleep essentials. If your guests don’t have a dedicated bed, we recommend purchasing a supportive pillow—like our Original Foam Pillow—to help them sleep soundly wherever they lay. Made with our T&N Adaptive® foam, the Original Foam pillow cushions and cradles the sleeper’s head, so they’ll feel supported in any position. Plus, the graphite and cooling gel-infused foam wicks heat away so the pillow always feels cool. Whether your guests are sprawled out on the sectional or cuddled on the floor sleepover-style, a comfortable pillow ensures they’ll feel at home in yours.

Enjoy the Holiday Season with T&N

Researching how to get your home ready for guests can feel daunting, but at T&N, we make pampering a house guest easy. Between learning how to stuff a turkey to shopping for holiday gifts, we know you’re busy preparing for guests in many ways. That’s why we take getting ready for overnight guests off of your plate. From soft, breathable linen sheets to cooling pillows, we have all the essentials you need to make your guests feel at home. Whether you’re welcoming family, friends, or strangers into your home, we’ve got you covered with bedding and decor, so you can focus on making the holidays merry.

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