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What is Cuffing Cuddling Season—And How You Can Stay Cozy for Sleep, With or Without a Partner.

October 18, 2023

Author: Chanahra Fletcher

The weather is getting colder, sweaters are beginning their rotation, and everywhere you go, everyone keeps whispering about something called cuffing season. So, what is cuffing season? It’s a term used to describe the colder parts of the year—i.e. fall and winter—when single people look for short-term partners to pass the winter months. Beginning in October, it continues until Valentine’s Day and ends just in time to be free, flirty, and single for the summer. Since its conception, cuffing season has put pressure on singles to find a romantic partner—or feel left out if they choose not to.

At Tuft & Needle, we’re all about disrupting the norm for something better—and making sure everyone feels included along the way. That’s why we’re changing cuffing season to cuddling season—a time for you to snuggle up, get cozy, and find the best bedding accessories to help you pass the winter, warmly. And the best thing about cuddling season? You don’t need a partner to enjoy it. If you’re wondering how to stay warm this winter, read on for five essentials to help you stay cozy all winter.

Bed made with pillows and lighter grey sheets and a darker grey quilt by Tuft & NeedleJersey Sheet Set

Jersey sheets are like that vintage t-shirt you just can’t stop wearing. From their soft-to-the-touch feel to their smooth, velvety fabric, they leave you whispering, “They just don’t make ‘em like this anymore.” Except, they do—we do, and they’re designed specifically for coziness. Made with 100% organic cotton, our Jersey Sheet Set is breathable and moisture-wicking, so you’ll feel warm—but never too hot—underneath their smooth, jersey-knit embrace.

Woman sitting on top of an unmade mattress wrapped in a Tuft & Needle down duvet insertDown Duvet Insert

Love the feeling of a warm hug? Or the weight of an arm spooned around you? Us too. That’s why a down duvet is one of our favorite essentials. Made of responsibly sourced North American down fill, our Down Duvet Insert is fluffy, oversized, and as weighty as the embrace of a long-time lover. Similar to a weighted blanket, it’s heavy enough to lull you to sleep comfortably. But, its naturally temperature-regulating and moisture-wicking fill perfects the balance of keeping you warm without feeling stuffy. And since we’re all about choice at T&N, we offer our down duvet insert in both light and medium weights—so you can decide which one will create the most comfortable bed.

Tuft & Needle reversible quilts folded up showing the different colors and different sidesReversible Quilt

One of the best—and most versatile—cuddling season essentials is a Reversible Quilt. It’s the perfect mixture of form and function, whether you sleep hot and want a blanket you can easily remove or you need an extra layer of warmth. It’s made of a heavier fill than our standard quilt to help keep you warm in cooler months. Plus, its reversible construction lets you switch up your decor whenever you want. And when you decide it’s time to let your spring and summer bedding shine? It compactly folds up for easy storage until cuddling season arrives.

Woman reading a book on a couch with the Tuft & Needle weighted blanket on her lapWeighted Blanket

If you want something with more weightiness than a down duvet, but the versatility to move it from room to room, we suggest cuddling up with a weighted blanket. Weighted Blankets are therapeutic bedding accessories designed to relieve anxiety, stress, and pressure. Their heft presents a calming effect when placed on the body, so sleepers can feel relaxed and relieved. Plus, their compact size gives you the versatility to cuddle up with in bed, on the couch, and in the car too.

Bed made with 4 standard Tuft & Needle pillows, one body pillow and rust color beddingBody Pillow

If your epitome of cuddling is wrapping your arms around something soft and snuggly, we suggest warming up to a Body Pillow. It’s made with a high-quality fill for maximum loftiness and resists flattening to support pregnant people, side sleepers, and cuddling enthusiasts alike. When placed under certain joints—like between the knees for side sleepers—it can help alleviate pressure and align the spine, so you wake with fewer aches and pains. Plus, with a sleek design and cover, its design-forward form elevates your sleep and your decor.

Sleep Tight with T&N Every Night

If April showers bring May flowers, then winter weather makes your bed feel better. From velvety-soft jersey sheets to the sleep-inducing weight of a down duvet, we at T&N have all the bedding essentials you need for cuddling season. Our bedding accessories are designed to be beautiful, functional, and helpful whether you’re sleeping single or in a pair. Because whether you’re snuggled up next to a partner, a pet, or a pillow, you deserve to feel cozy and comforted any time of year.

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