Tuft & Needle Foam and Down Pillows sitting on top of an unmade T&N Mattress

What Your Favorite Tuft & Needle Pillow Says About You

August 01, 2023

Author: Josie Sivigny

You already know the drill: Medium-loft memory foam pillows are best for back sleepers, a supportive, medium-loft pillow placed beneath the head, as well as one placed between the knees, is best for side sleepers, and—if you’re a stomach sleeper—it’s best to sleep with no pillow at all. You’ve read the forums and learned the advice all before, but has anyone ever told you what you really want to hear? We thought not, so we’re here to fill the gap. Whether you like your memory foam pillows stacked high, or prefer a down alternative to prop yourself up on, read on to discover exactly what your favorite Tuft & Needle pillow says about your personality.

But First: A Word About Pillows

Before we dive into the details, we thought it best to remind you just how important pillows are. When selecting the pillow that’ll support you every night, it’s crucial to consider how the fabric, height, composition, and size will affect your posture while you sleep. Proper spinal alignment is essential to a comfortable night’s sleep, and it can help ensure you wake up pain-free. Whether you already have a pillow or you’re considering one for purchase, take time to research how different materials—such as memory foam, down, or down alternative—heights, and sizes can affect your support as a side sleeper, a back sleeper, or a stomach sleeper.

The Original Foam Pillow

Picture of the Tuft & Needle Original Foam Pillow

You enjoy life’s little luxuries: homemade coffee in the morning, pizza and wine in the evenings, and a cool, comfortable bed to greet you each night. But, you enjoy them with a twist. You believe in both the principles of tradition and the power of innovation. And when you encounter a product, idea, or activity that marries the two, you jump at the chance to make the upgrade. Your morning coffee tastes that much better with the help of your modern coffee gadgets, your Friday-night pizza is cheesier thanks to the gourmet additions of specialty toppings, and your nights are that much sweeter with the modern comforts of elevated bedding materials. You’re obsessed with how new technology can elevate, but not overshadow, the quality of traditional things. This, as our non-sinking T&N Adaptive® foam combines with the pressure-relieving support of a traditional pillow in the Original Foam Pillow, you feel right at home enjoying the little luxuries that big innovation brings.

Down Pillow

Down pillow by Tuft & Needle laying in front of tall grass

You’re a traditionalist. You love the loftiness of a hotel bed and the satiny softness of percale sheets. You prefer to summer in quaint towns with sparse crowds, and your idea of a perfect Sunday afternoon is spending it reading in a sunroom. You like your linens crisp, your pillows plumped, and for your bedroom to look as sophisticated as you are. And it does—because of the breathable comfort of your favorite Down Pillow. Whether you’re using them as sham inserts or regular pillows, the natural fill of down ensures your sleep is as cool, comfortable, and breathable, as you prefer life to be.

Down Alternative Pillow Set

Down alternative pillow set by Tuft & Needle stacked on top of a bed

To you, air purifiers are the greatest invention known to man. You care deeply about the environment, and even though they may be pesky, you’d never even hurt a fly. Sustainability is as important to you as a good night’s sleep, and you’re committed to reflecting your beliefs through all aspects of your life. Though you love the lightweight support of traditional down pillows, you prefer a synthetic fill that gives you that same comfort but with the added benefits of being hypoallergenic, airy, and—most importantly—sustainable. And, as our Down Alternative Pillow Set is your favorite choice, you can sleep peacefully every night knowing you’re restoring your body, mind, and the world.

Body Pillow

Tuft & Needle grey body pillow laying on a made bed

Fall is your favorite season, and sweater weather is your favorite kind. You find happiness in the warm and cuddly things—wood-burning fireplaces, weighted blankets, and—of course—pumpkin-spiced lattes. When the world is out on a Friday night, you’re perfectly content staying inside to watch The Princess Bride for the 720th time.  And whether you’re curling up on the couch for a mid-day nap or night-snuggling next to our Body Pillow during pregnancy, comfort is always your priority. 

Euro Pillow

Tuft and Needle Euro Pillows stacked on top of each other

The more accessories, the better the bed; that’s your personal philosophy. Your bed isn’t complete without the addition of accent pillows, knitted throws, and sometimes even stuffed animals. And the best part of them all? The Euro pillows that are the star of the show. As the largest pillow on your bed, it seamlessly combines form and function, serving as a stunning decoration—no matter the decorative sham—or the perfect piece to prop yourself up on while watching a movie, reading a book, or having breakfast in bed. When it comes to bedding, you’re a maximalist to your core. And it serves you well, because your sleep—like your Euro Pillow—is always comfortable.

Anywhere Travel Pillow

Picture of the corner of the T&N Travel Pillow

You’re a jet setter, but you never trade the spontaneity of a trip for the reliability of your favorite accessories. Whether you bring a bottle of ibuprofen on your train ride across countries, or an eye mask for your bus ride across cities, you’re well versed—and well prepared—for the art of traveling. You expect the unexpected, and a part of the reason it excites you is because you’re so well prepared for it. And with our Anywhere Travel Pillow by your side, giving you the benefits of foam no matter where you go, you‘re always ready to take life by its horns and hop to the next adventure.

Feel Supported—Whenever, However—with Tuft & Needle

No matter if you’re a jet-setting, spontaneity-loving fan of our Anywhere Travel Pillow, or you prefer the calm, cool comfort of our breathable Down Pillow, we at Tuft & Needle have the pillows, bedding, and mattresses to support you whenever, however, and wherever you like. From non-sinking, pressure-relieving options to pillows that are lightweight and hypoallergenic, we strive to support you with the perfect support options, because someone as unique as you deserves a quality pillow to match.

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