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Celebrate This Mother's Day with T&N

May 02, 2023

Author: Chanahra Fletcher

Moms aren’t a monolith. They’re a diverse assortment of backgrounds, beliefs, and qualities that make them as funny, studious, wacky, inspiring, and unique as you are. Mother’s Day 2023 is right around the corner, and at Tuft & Needle, we want to help you celebrate your mother for the unique person she is. Whether your mom spends her time running around town with friends or curled up on the couch with grandkids, read on to see how we have the perfect Mother’s Day gifts to match.

REN Overnight Skin care product

The Ageless Mother

Your mom is an absolute ageless beauty. Somewhere, somehow, she took a sip from the fountain of youth, and it’s apparent in every way. From flaunting her stylish fashion to never misapplying her makeup, your mother is the stuff of Cover Girl commercials. Help her feel as flawless at night as she is during the day with an overnight brightening skin cream. With a re-energizing formula that hydrates skin, the Radiance Overnight Glow Dark Spot Sleeping Cream will help your mom feel as radiant as she already looks.

REN Pillow Spray

The Mom Who Deserves to Treat Herself

For the mother who’s as selfless as she is deserving, treat her with a spa-like sleep experience. Gift her our Organic Jersey Sheet Set. Crafted from 100% organic cotton, our Organic Jersey Sheets are low maintenance, breathable, and moisture-wicking, so she’ll sleep peacefully wrapped up in their ultra-soft feel. To complete the deluxe sleep experience, add a calming pillow spray to the gift. With the buttery-soft feel of fresh jersey sheets, plus the calming scents of lavender, your mom can use this Mother’s Day gift idea to experience the treat of great sleep for nights and mornings to come.

Percale Sheet Set in Canyon

The One Who Loves The Great Outdoors

As the world’s greatest adventurer, your mom is always on the go. Whether she’s experimenting in the garden or biking the trails outdoors, she loves the feeling of the sun, the sounds of nature, and the sights she gets to explore. When it’s finally time for her to head inside, give your mom something to remind her of her many adventures: our Canyon-colored Percale Sheet Set. Canyon is both bold and beautiful, and with the soft, crisp, cottony feel of percale sheets to match, your mom will feel as inspired indoors as she does out.

Tuft & Needle Weighted Blanket

The Mother Who’s Embracing The Soft Life

If her days of 9-5s are over, her mornings are enjoyed drinking coffee on the deck, and her afternoons are spent doing exactly what she wants, our Weighted Blanket is the perfect unique Mother’s Day gift for your mom. Whether she takes time for herself when she can, or she’s fully enjoying retirement, the thick knit, gentle pressure, soft, cozy fibers of our weighted blanket are sure to lull this queen of relaxation into a soothing mood.

White noise machine

The Mother Who Deserves Some Rest

When your mom‘s not busy being a superhero, she deserves some rest. Rejuvenating, peaceful, distraction-free rest. Be the hero in her world by gifting one of the best gifts: a White Noise Machine. Designed to conceal or reduce distracting environmental noises, white noise machines provide that ideal hush every sleeper needs to truly relax.

For the Moms Who Deserve the World…

Let Tuft & Needle show them we’re glad they’re part of it. Whether you’re gifting your mother, or you’re a mom who’s indulging yourself, we at T&N have the mattresses, bedding, and lifestyle essentials to remind moms how much they mean in our worlds.

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