Find Your New Mantra with Tuft & Needle

Find Your New Mantra with Tuft & Needle's Spring Bedding Colors

April 10, 2023

Author: Chanahra Fletcher

Spring is the time for getting outside. Birds are chirping fresh tunes, plants are budding new blooms, and the weather is practically begging you to step outside your door. After months of bundling up from the cold, it can be easy to stick to your indoor winter routine. But at Tuft & Needle, we’re challenging you to change your narrative. Enter: our new spring colors. We’ve created five naturalesque bedroom color schemes to help you explore how nature can refresh, motivate, and regenerate you indoors and out. So put on your shoes, shed those winter blues, and find your new mantra with five ways our new spring colors from different products in our bedding collection can help you reconnect with nature.

Canyon – Be Bold

Canyons are vast, beautiful, and they unapologetically take up space. This spring, draw inspiration from Mother Nature by being just as bold with your adventures. Pick a weekend, select a trail, and go hiking near your hometown. Play tourist in your city by walking around and finding new stores, shops, and activities you weren’t aware of. Join a team or association—of gardeners, climbers, or even an adult sports league—and boldly try an experience you’ve never had before. And if the great outdoors isn’t your thing? Find a community online that aligns with your needs, interests, and abilities. This season is all about breaking from our routines and blooming into something better. So, this season, like the canyons that inspire our new spring sheets, be bold enough to try new things.

Cloud – Keep Your Spirits High

Keep your head in the clouds this season and challenge yourself to stay positive. It can be easy to focus on the areas that need work—from the growing laundry pile in your bedroom to the looming deadline for your child’s school project. But this spring, take note of the positives despite areas of improvement in your life. Have a busy day ahead? At least you meal prepped dinner last night. Is your child staying home sick? That’s extra time you get to spend with them today. Did the sudden rainstorm cancel your plans? The tomatoes you’re growing on the patio will love the extra shower. There’re a lot of elements that can get you down, but this spring, we’re challenging you to keep your head up—because everything’s more serene in the clouds.

Sand – Say Yes

Just how sand shifts easily in wind and water, leap for the chance to try new things, and say yes to positive opportunities that come this spring. Want to try the new coffee shop that just opened? Grab your reusable mug. Got invited to a last-minute weekend trip? Pack your bags. Is your favorite artist coming to town, but you have no one to go to the concert with? Buy a ticket solo, get dressed, and sing your heart out. Spring is the season for new growth, small changes, and big impacts, and that all starts with stepping outside your comfort zone. So, whether you’re pondering taking that cooking class, or trying new bedroom decorating ideas, go with the flow, shift with the tide, and say yes to positive opportunities this spring.

Slate – Stay Grounded

Slate is a constant, even when the elements that surround it are not. Through changing seasons and endless lifespans, rock stays grounded. This spring, draw inspiration from our color by taking time to stay grounded yourself. Carve out twenty minutes a day for a calming activity meant just for you. Grab a meditation cushion and focus your mind on thoughts that uplift you. Run a bath and light a candle with your favorite scent. Spend time outside in nature and sit comfortably in silence. Go where and do what makes you feel like a priority in your own life, and stay grounded in the fact that your peace matters most.

Glacier – Stay Afloat

Despite their massive size and intimidating stature, glaciers float in water. Get inspired by this natural phenomenon and prioritize the activities that keep you afloat. No matter how large life gets, take note of small details that lift your spirit and incorporate them into your routine. Whether it’s taking daily walks or keeping fresh flowers on your dining table, fill your weeks with small activities that make large differences.

Reconnect with Nature Indoors and Out with Tuft & Needle

Reconnecting with nature doesn’t just mean sporting hiking boots and climbing mountains. It means learning all the ways it supports, uplifts, and recharges the world around it—and applying those same principles to your own life. Whether you choose to be bold outside, or stay grounded indoors, we at Tuft & Needle have the spring decor to remind you of the impacts you made throughout your day. Seize every moment to reconnect with nature with our Percale sheets, made from Mother Nature herself. Crafted from 100% cotton, our sheets keep you inspired, with sets available in Cloud, Slate, Sand, Canyon and Glacier colors. So find your new mantra, sing a new tune, and say yes to new beginnings. Because a day spent reconnecting with nature—and yourself—makes falling into bed each night that much better.

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