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Unique Wedding Favor Ideas & Bridal Party Gifts

July 25, 2023

Author: Josie Sivigny

Weddings are a time to celebrate love. They’re a gathering of a couple’s closest friends, families, and confidantes—all of whom are integral aspects of the couple’s journey. And while most attention at a wedding is placed on the happy couple, it’s important for each bride or groom to remember the communities of people that helped facilitate, and gathered to celebrate, their love.

But how can a couple show their appreciation for the people there to support them? They can give either the bridal party or the entire wedding party a party favor. Whether you’re purchasing small items as wedding gifts for guests, or considering a larger, extravagant choice for your Maid of Honor gifts or Best Man gifts, read on for our favorite unique wedding favor ideas.

Who Should Receive Wedding Favors?

“Does the wedding party get wedding favors?” is an age-old question in the process of planning a wedding, but the answer is simpler than you may think: whoever receives wedding favors is completely up to the couple! Whether you opt to give your bridal party gifts or select items for all wedding guests to receive, the choice is completely yours. While wedding favors are a traditional way of showing your appreciation to guests, you can choose who will—or won’t—receive them.

Tuft & Needle Sheet Sets

Picture of two pillows stacked on each other with blue sheets folded on top

Your friends and family helped you build your happy home, so why not contribute something to theirs?  Revamp the usual party favors and give the gift of a great night’s sleep. For added flair, select a sheet material that coincides with your wedding. The comfy, t-shirt feel of Organic Jersey Sheet Sets aligns perfectly with a farmhouse-themed or non-traditional wedding, while the satiny-soft, luxurious feel of Percale Sheet Sets coincide perfectly with a traditional wedding. For destination weddings or those scheduled for the summer, we recommend the breezy fabric of hemp or linen sheets, so your guests can feel as soft, light, and airy as love. Finally, opt to purchase each sheet in a color that matches your wedding’s color scheme, so every time your guest falls asleep, they have sweet dreams of the happy day.

Anywhere Travel Blanket

Picture of the anywhere travel pillow from Tuft & Needle with a blue circle background

If you’re considering unique bridesmaid gift ideas or groomsmen gift ideas, elect a travel blanket. Gifting a travel blanket will ensure your bridal party has a practical gift they can use before, during, and after the wedding ceremony. From traveling on airplanes to keeping cozy at their work cubicle, a travel blanket is a gift that’s as thoughtful as it is useful. And to ensure the gift is extra-special, personalize it with the embroidered names or monograms of the bridesmaids, groomsmen, or special guests. This way, they’ll know the blanket was gifted with intention, and—no matter their destination—they can proudly showcase your love wherever they go.

Pillow Spray

Picture of the & now to sleep pillow spray by REN Skincare, sold by Tuft & Needle

After a night full of partying, it’s important to get some quality shut-eye. And what better gift than to help your guests get it? For a more impersonal—yet still meaningful—gift, give your guests a calming pillow spray. With a soothing mixture of lavender, cedar wood, and other natural oils, the calming & Now to Sleep Pillow Spray is sure to lull your guests to sleep with a lullaby of your love.

Give the Perfect Wedding Party Favor with T&N

Whether you’re hosting an intimate backyard wedding or an exuberant extravaganza, it’s essential to let your bridal party or guests know how much you appreciate their support. And what better way to showcase your appreciation than with a lasting, useful gift? From sheet sets that match the colors of your wedding to a pillow spray that helps your wedding guests rest, trust Tuft & Needle to deliver practical and unique wedding favor ideas that will last as long as the happy couple’s love.

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