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Sleep Tips: How to Sleep the Night Before Your Wedding

July 25, 2023

Author: Chanahra Fletcher

Weddings are an exciting occasion, yet sometimes the pre-wedding jitters can get in the way of a restful night’s sleep. From excitement about the upcoming nuptials, to anxiety surrounding your carefully-curated plans, there are many reasons why a bride or groom may not be able to sleep the night before their big day. However, we at Tuft & Needle can ensure you never have to ask the question, “How to sleep the night before your wedding?”

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How much sleep do you need the night before your wedding?

While it can be tempting to stay up late to fine-tune each wedding detail, it is essential to get at least 8 hours of sleep the night before your wedding—and any night thereafter. To easily fall and stay asleep for the required eight hours, practice a consistent sleep schedule in the weeks leading up to the event. Wake and fall asleep around the same time each day, and make sure to rest eight hours each night. When you consistently practice a sleep schedule, your body will begin feeling awake and tired at the same time each day, ensuring you can easily fall asleep at the required time each night.

Tips for Falling Asleep the Night Before Your Wedding

As with any big event, preparation beforehand is key to its success. To easily fall asleep the night before your wedding, practice a dedicated sleep routine, limit your caffeine and alcohol consumption, and create a relaxing sleep environment conducive to sleep.

Create A Dedicated Sleep Routine

To help wind down before the big day, create a dedicated sleep routine. Around 90 minutes before bed, practice activities that help you unwind, like reading under the gentle pressure of a weighted blanket. Listen to 30 minutes of your favorite podcast or practice mindful meditation or yoga. Experiment with different activities that help you relax, like working on a puzzle or replacing any overhead lights with soft lamp light. Once you find the music, lighting, and activities that help you feel calm, practice them in the same order each night in the weeks leading up to the wedding. As your body begins to correlate these activities with rest, you should fall asleep easily when the time is right.

Limit Your Caffeine and Alcohol Consumption

While caffeine has surely kept you running throughout wedding planning, once the night before the wedding arrives, swap your caffeine for water. In the hours before bedtime, make sure to limit your caffeine consumption so your body can rest when it needs to. Likewise, though a glass of wine or a pre-wedding boost from alcohol may sound appealing, try not to consume alcohol. Like caffeine, drinking alcohol may disrupt your ability to sleep or contribute to bridal insomnia.

Create A Relaxing Sleep Environment

The final tip to falling asleep easily before your wedding is to create a relaxing sleep environment. Wedding days are opportunities for brides and grooms to dress up and look their best. But who says you have to wait until the big day to start the pampering process? To create that perfect, sleep-inducing environment the night before your wedding, set a relaxing mood. Dim the lights, light your favorite candle, or diffuse a calming essential oil. Buy a sprig of eucalyptus, place it over your shower head, and take a hot shower to surround yourself in steamy, spa-scented air. Next, moisturize your skin, and—ten minutes before you climb into bed—turn on a fan and turn down the sheets. Swap your standard pillowcase for a gentle, silk pillowcase, and—after spritzing your bed with lavender-scented pillow spray—fall asleep in cool, calming comfort. 

Sleep Well and Wake Refreshed with T&N

Whether you’re a bridesmaid, groomsman, the mother, father, or part of the happy couple yourself, pre-wedding insomnia can be stressful the night before the big day. The great news is, you can combat it by enacting activities to de-stress. From relaxing under a weighted blanket to making your bed with fresh sheets, we at Tuft & Needle have the mattresses, bedding, and accessories to help you sleep well and wake refreshed. Because everyone deserves to feel beautiful on their wedding day—and beauty rest is paramount to that.

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