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6 College Dorm Room Essentials to Buy for 2023

August 07, 2023

Author: Chanahra Fletcher

College is the next phase in many adolescents’ lives. It’s the turning point in their chapters—one that leads to new relationships, adventures, and positive opportunities. The knowledge, skills, and experiences gained in college will, for many, give young adults the tools they need to succeed in life. So, it’s important to first give your child the essentials they need to succeed in college. As college can be a building block for their future, select items can be building blocks to your child’s success at university. From pressure-relieving mattress toppers to comforting duvet covers, keep reading for all the dorm room essentials your child needs for a fruitful college experience.

Mattress Topper

Picture of the corner of the mattress topper by Tuft & Needle, a dorm room essential

It’s no secret that most college mattresses are stiff, springy, and uncomfortable. School can be exhausting and, at times, stressful. And after a long day of stretching their brains, each student should have a comfortable bed to relax, sleep, and wake reinvigorated for the day on. Cue: the pressure-relieving foam of our Mattress Topper. Featuring two inches of our graphite and cooling gel-infused T&N Adaptive® foam, each mattress topper is crafted to provide cool, breathable comfort. Plus, since the topper is designed to contour and relieve pressure, each sleeper can experience comfort that responds specifically to them. Great sleep is not only essential to wellness, but it’s also necessary to stay awake, alert, and productive. A mattress topper ensures their sleep is covered at night so they can make the best of their day.

Sheet Sets

Picture two pillows with folded sheets on top of them by Tuft & Needle, a dorm room essential

No matter the season, it’s important to sleep on soft, comfortable bedding. Whether the outside weather is stiflingly warm, or their roommate prefers the inside temperature freezing cold, sheet sets ensure each sleeper can feel as warm and snuggly or as cool and comfortable as they wish. To set your college student up for success, purchase two interchangeable sheet sets for them to use throughout the year. Ensure one is made with warming materials, like our t-shirt-soft Organic Jersey Sheet Set, and that the other is made for year-round comfort, like our lightweight and breathable Linen Sheet Set. As a final touch, align each sheet set’s color with the dorm room’s color scheme for cohesive decor that looks as great as it feels.

Duvet Cover + Insert

Picture of a duvet insert & cover by Tuft & Needle, a dorm room essential

No dorm room is complete without a duvet cover and duvet insert. Similar to sheet sets, duvet covers work as both functional materials to keep each sleeper warm or cool and stylish decorations that tie design schemes together. When purchasing a Duvet Cover, opt to buy two interchangeable covers—one to match each sheet set material. Next, choose a color that matches your sheet sets’ for a clean look, or a color that contrasts the sheet sets for dynamic, design-forward decorations. Finally, choose a duvet insert that will make your child the most comfortable. For the traditional feel, select the naturally-breathable Down Duvet Insert. Likewise, for a lightweight, hypoallergenic option, choose the Down Alternative Duvet Insert. For either option, consult with your teen to determine if they’d like the warm feel of a medium-weight insert or the light, airy feel of a lightweight insert.

Original Foam Pillow

Picture of the Original Foam Pillow by Tuft & Needle, a dorm room essential

College is full of quick adjustments. So why not give your teen something that adjusts to them easily? One of the best items to include on your college packing list is an Original Foam Pillow. Composed of cooling and comforting T&N Adaptive® foam, our Original Foam Pillow conforms to your head while wicking moisture away comfortable and refreshing night’s sleep. After hours of socializing, learning, and studying, the Original Foam Pillow is the perfect item to help your busy student wind down each night.

Travel Blanket

Picture of the corner of the Anywhere Travel Blanket by Tuft & Needle, a dorm room essential

One of the most versatile college dorm room ideas is also one that’s often forgotten: a travel blanket. Whether they bring it for movie night in a friend’s apartment or use it to lay outside on the campus’s sprawling lawn, our Anywhere Travel Blanket is the perfect item to use on all of your child’s college adventures. And with a sleek, compact cover to fold the blanket into, they can carry it by plane, train, car, or foot—especially as they travel home to visit you.

Mint Mattress

Picture of the corner of the Mint Mattress by Tuft & Needle, a dorm room essential

Finally, while many universities don’t allow students to bring their own mattresses, there are a select few that do. So, what mattress should you bring if your student’s college allows you? We believe our Mint mattress is the perfect solution. Crafted with our proprietary T&N Adaptive® foam, the Mint mattress features an extra layer of ceramic cooling gel and graphite-infused foam. So, your child can experience both bounce-back support and pressure-relieving comfort whether they’re studying, streaming, or—most importantly—sleeping. Our Mint mattress is delivered in a convenient box for easy transport, making college move-in day a breeze. Plus, it, along with our sheet sets, duvets, and duvet covers, is available in the standard size of most dorm bed frames—Twin XL.

Discover What to Bring to College with T&N

College is a time for new opportunities and experiences, and amidst the new people, places, and lessons learned, it’s necessary to have a sanctuary to come back to at the end of the day. As you’re checking off items on your child’s college packing list, remember to consult with us at Tuft & Needle for all your bedroom essentials. From the soft, satiny fabric of our Jersey Sheet Set, to the pressure-relieving foam of our mattress topper, we at T&N have the pillows, bedding, and sleep accessories your child needs to reclaim their busy nights and wake reinvigorated for the day.

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