What To Look For When You Start Researching Mattress Safety

There’s no doubt that there is a ton of information available when it comes to the safety of mattresses, and researching the different options is important. We know that safety is your number one concern when it comes to bringing a new product into your home, and we’re here to help break down the basics for you, from foam mattress off gassing to product certifications.

Why Is Foam A Concern?

There are a lot of concerns and myths out there about the use of certain chemicals in foam–and of course, we all want a toxin free mattress.

Before there were more strict regulations and industry standards in the foam industry, formaldehyde and PBDEs were frequently used to create memory foams and other polyurethane based materials and many shoppers still believe these to be the current materials which often begs the question–is polyurethane foam "safe?"

Because foam is flammable, and fire safety is a concern, the federal government does require that mattresses sold pass two federally regulated burn tests. In order to pass these tests, many mattresses had spray-over flame retardants that worried consumers. Today, most companies have moved away from these materials. At T&N, we use a fabric blend over our foam called a “firesock” that complies with the federal laws without adding additional sprays to the surface.

Why Certifications Matter

To start your mattress research, look into what the company has done to demonstrate their quality practices to their consumers and how they present information about the chemicals in mattresses.

It can be a little worrisome when you start looking into foams, if you aren’t sure what you’re looking for. To help keep consumers informed and ease their minds, there are several voluntary independent testing and certification processes designed to certify that companies aren’t using known harmful amounts of chemicals in their products. Three of these certification programs are Certi-PUR-US® , STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®, and GREENGUARD Gold. To learn more about these certifications and testing processes click here.

Overall, these certifications demonstrate our commitment to offering transparent information regarding the quality of our products. We believe that customers should know what they are bringing into their homes and be able to access that information easily.

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Shelly Weaver-Cather
Shelly Weaver-Cather

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