Make Life Havenly: Build Your Ideal Sleep Sanctuary and Sleep Better in 2020

Every new year we start out with the best intentions. We promise ourselves we’re going to read more, drink less, and hit the gym. But keeping up with our resolutions is always harder than we think it will be. Why? Because we tend to forget that wellness starts with sleep. Want to work out harder? Focus more? None of that is possible if you don’t leave the time and space your body needs to rest and recover each night. That’s why we’re starting off the new year with a new mantra: Sleep Better. 

Building Your Ideal Sleep Sanctuary

How can you get a better night’s sleep? It all starts with your sleep setup. We’ve teamed up with the online interior decorators at Havenly to create a guide to building your ultimate sleep sanctuary—everything you need for your deepest, comfiest sleep—so that you can accomplish all of your goals in 2020. 

It starts with light

The best way to ensure deep, uninterrupted sleep is to keep your bedroom dark from the moment you shut your eyes each night until the moment you wake up in the morning. This means not only turning off your phone notifications, but making sure that you have thick, black-out curtains that can keep out the pesky morning light.

Rainbow paint on a wall

Color Therapy

We all know that red walls can be anxiety inducing, but that doesn’t mean whitewashing your bedroom is the only option when it comes to creating a relaxing sleep setup. Feature walls in colors like light blue and sage can help create a calming environment throughout your home, while the color of your sheets can make or break your morning mood. But don’t take our word for it. The expert designers at Havenly can help you choose a dreamy accent color that matches your bedroom, and your mood. 

Color Energy Guide:
Yellows = energizing
Greens = balancing
Blues = relaxing
Reds = stimulating
Purples = calming
The Centerpiece

The most important part of any sleep sanctuary is the centerpiece, but we don’t just mean mattresses. Finding the right bed for your sleep type is key, but so is securing a sturdy and supportive base to keep your mattress from sagging over time. Slatted bases, like our modern Contrast Platform Bed, are great for maintaining air circulation so that your mattress stays cool and breezy all night long.

Between the Sheets

A good mattress is nothing without the right toppers. Too-hot sheets can disrupt your sleep patterns, while the wrong color bedding can throw off even the best designed bedrooms — especially when your comforter clashes with the walls. That’s why we recommend a holistic approach to bed-building, keeping in mind how your accessories work together to keep your room looking and feeling comfortable. This might mean experimenting with two different types of pillows (we like down-alternatives and foam), or investing in seasonal sheet sets you can switch out when the weather changes, or when you’re in the mood for a different color.

Burning candle

Soothing Smells

There’s nothing like a little aromatherapy to get you in the mood to snooze. That’s why we like to top off our sleep sanctuary with essential oil diffusers and candles with relaxing scents. 

Little things, like adding lavender oil to your dryer balls when you wash your sheets, can do wonders for night-time relaxation. You can even incorporate aromatherapy into your bedtime routine by lighting a scented candle (like this calming ylang-ylang candle from Molton Brown) one hour before bed each night to help signal to your body that it’s time to slow down and get ready for sleep. 

New Year, New You

Our wellbeing isn’t just about the energy we exert or the things we consume, but the way we take care of ourselves while doing it. That’s why creating your dream sleep sanctuary is the best way to kick-start your New Year’s Resolutions, no matter how challenging they may be. 

Need help designing your ideal sleep setup? Take the style quiz at Havenly and get paired with a design professional who can make all of your bedroom dreams come true. 

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