Summer sleep tips to stay cool all night long

Summer sleep tips to stay cool all night long

August 01, 2022

Author: Katie Bond

It’s that time of year, folks. Summer has arrived and the sun is back in all its shining glory. That means longer days, warmer nights, and time for a cooling bedroom update. To help get your bedroom ready for summer, we tapped our Head of Sleep Experience, JD Velilla, for tips on sleeping cool through the night. Ready to skip the night sweats? Read on for the best summer sleep you never knew was possible.

  1. Adjust your thermostats before bedtime. JD recommends adjusting your thermostat an hour and a half before bedtime. This syncs up with what our bodies are doing and helps us wind down for bed. Sleep scientists recommend a range of 65-68 degrees for optimal sleep, but it’s up to you what feels comfortable. Basically, JD says to lower it a few degrees from your daily temp so your body knows it’s time to cool down and cozy up.
  2. Airflow, airflow, airflow. While fans might not cool the air, they DO help move air across your body and move humidity away from your body. JD’s preference is a ceiling fan because it helps create the most airflow in a room. He turns his ceiling fan on an hour before bedtime to get the air flowing. But if you have a partner that is anti-fan, he recommends getting a smaller fan to put on your side of the bed to keep you cool and your partner content.
    Bed made with cooler sleeping bedding - Linen
  3. Consider breathable bedding. “When you go to bed and pull those sheets over you, you create a microclimate with a lot of heat and humidity,” says JD. He recommends getting ready for summer nights with super breathable linen, like T&N’s Linen Sheet Set and Linen Duvet Cover. That sticky icky humidity can escape through this more natural material and help regulate your temperature. JD also warns of the misconception of high thread count bedding. “Higher thread count is great for durability, but it will not breathe as well as a lower thread count sheet,” JD explains.
  4. Lighten the load. Another more obvious option: Switch out your regular duvet for a lighter covering, like our Quilt. Or lighten the top layer with a more lightweight duvet like T&N’s light down alternative duvet. “Breathable sheets and a lighter comforter are your first steps toward sleeping cooler,” according to JD.
  5. Unmake the bed. One way to keep your bed cool is to pull back the comforter and sheets to let your mattress and bed linens cool down. JD says pulling your sheets back one hour before bed can really help regulate the temperature of your mattress and fitted sheet before bedtime. “Paired with fans and lowering your thermostat, this can be a great way to start your sleep off cooler and more comfortable,” says JD.
    Unzipping Tuft & Needle Mint Cooling Mattress
  6. Mattress covers beware! Trying to stay cool but nothing is working? You might want to peak under the sheets. Most mattress covers are made from synthetic materials that do anything but cool you. Think about buying a more cooling mattress topper with natural materials. Or, JD recommends upgrading to our Mint Mattress, a unique cooling mattress that has adaptive foam and cooling gel — now with a new removable, washable cover!
  7. Take a cool shower before bed. JD says working out before bedtime in the summer is a no-no but taking a lukewarm or even cool shower before bed can help lower your body temperature and cool your body before sleeping.

Ready to breeze through summer? Check out our cooling, breathable offerings at T&N and sleep cool, friends!

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