Why Are There Foam Mattresses Everywhere?

Why Are There Foam Mattresses Everywhere?

January 10, 2018

Author: T&N Team

A plethora of online mattress manufacturers have popped up in recent years advertising easy ordering and delivery while promising sleep trials and hassle-free returns. Most of these companies, like Tuft & Needle, have constructed their mattresses entirely of foam which aids in the ease of compressing their beds for a compact delivery. But what exactly makes all of these mattresses and mattress companies so different from the traditional mattress shopping experience?

The convenience factor of a bed in a box is definitely something that has piqued the interest of consumers. Think about trying to get a king size mattress up a stairwell, pivoting it awkwardly and trying to fit it through a narrow apartment doorway. With a compressed foam mattress, rolled up and packaged in an easy-to-carry box, manipulating a giant piece of furniture is no longer a worry. Customers are even purchasing while moving since the boxes are much easier to maneuver and store than a traditional mattress.

One of the biggest benefits of ordering a bed in a box is the ease of ordering online instead of going through the trouble to visit a store. With a click of a mouse people are able to purchase from the comforts of their own home. This eliminates a trip to your local mattress store or multiple trips to shop around.

This ease of delivery certainly has its perks. Instead of taking time out of your schedule to sit at home and wait for your bed, you can track your order online and know when to expect it. Gone are the days of spending hours anxiously awaiting the arrival of your new purchase and awkwardly greeting strangers as they enter your living space to set it up. Through the unique manufacturing process of these foam mattresses, the packaging is done in such a way to make it easy on customers when it comes to the set up. Many bed in a box creations were made to be a hassle-free DIY set-up experience.

New bed in a box companies are also starting to make themselves known while other established brands, Tuft & Needle included, continue to innovate and evolve to make the most comfortable mattress possible.

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