Side Sleepers love Tuft & Needle

Side Sleepers love Tuft & Needle

March 01, 2019

Author: Erin Cline

When we set out building mattresses all those years ago, we were confident that customers would love what we made. What we didn’t expect were all the listicle rankings we’d find ourselves on.

Tuft & Needle mattresses have been listed as great for hot sleepers, back sleepers, stomach sleepers, and even light sleepers (due to the reduced motion transfer benefit of our mattresses). But one category Tuft & Needle seems to be the highest ranked in time after time is for side sleepers. And it’s not just the mattresses—our pillows get a whole lotta love, too.

So if you’re a side sleeper, this roundup has your name on it.

Mashable: Best mattresses for side sleepers looking to get cozy

The T&N Original Mattress is named Best Overall on this list. The reviewer says, “There are very few products that are universally loved by Reddit; this medium-firm mattress is one of them.”

SheKnows: These 8 Best Budget Mattresses Prove a Great Night’s Sleep Doesn’t Have to Be a Luxury

Best Mattress for Side Sleepers goes to the T&N Original Mattress.

“The Tuft & Needle memory foam bed has an adaptive foam layer that provides both excellent pressure relief and a buoyant, breathable feel typical of a more expensive latex mattress. The Tuft & Needle mattress’s middle of the road firmness level is perfect for side sleepers, but also suits stomach and back sleepers as well. This mattress also sleeps cool for a memory foam bed,” says the list author.

Men’s Journal: We Tested the Best New Mattresses You Can Buy Online

The Mint Mattress is named best for side sleepers and those who want a soft, plushy feel.

Chief Content Officer of Men’s Journal says, “From my test drive of the king-sized Mint, it adds up to a mattress that’s slightly softer than most out-of-the-box brands, but extremely comfortable. And I do think it sleeps cooler than most beds I’ve tested as well.”

Health: The 10 Best Mattresses for Side Sleepers

The Mint Mattress is named as the best memory foam mattress on this list. The author writes, “We rate it the best memory foam option on this list because it’s a great choice for side, combination, stomach, and back sleepers alike thanks to its ‘just right’ medium-firm feel.”

Parade: The 7 Best Memory Foam Mattresses to Help You Wake Up Happy

On this list, the Mint Mattress receives kudos as among the best memory foam mattress for side sleepers.

“Not only do the foam layers of the Tuft & Needle Mint cushion and contour around these pressure points—they also help distribute body weight equally along the mattress to avoid extra stress on these joints.”

CNET: The best mattress for 2020

Our Hybrid Mattress is ranked as best for side sleepers on this list of all the best mattresses for the entire year.

“The T&N Adaptive® foam felt soft and comfortable and allowed just enough give to take the pressure off my shoulders and hips without making me feel like I was sinking or rocking from side to side. The mattress cover added an extra layer of comfort that felt similar to what you’d get if you added a mattress topper.”

Good Housekeeping: 9 Best Pillows for Side Sleepers, According to Experts

In this test of more than 70 pillows, 350 expert testers nationwide tried pillows that fit their sleeping position and desired fill. Of all those tests, our Down Alternative Pillow was named first in the category for down-alternative options.

“This polyester down alternative pillow by Tuft & Needle received high scores for fitting perfectly in a standard pillowcase and maintaining its shape after use in Lab – many testers loved that it kept its shape too! Testers gave it rave reviews for comfort, especially if you prefer a more firm, supportive pillow. Plus, this pillow is actually sold as a set – two pillows for the price of one!”

BuzzFeed: Best Pillows For Side Sleepers

The Original Foam Pillow gets a shout on this list from BuzzFeed, with the author calling it, “A supportive, cool foam pillow that’ll feel like a cloud once you finally hit the hay.”

Cosmopolitan: I Tested 12 Pillows for Side Sleepers to Find the Best Ones

Cosmo ranked the Original Foam Pillow as the best memory foam pillow on this list, though the author admits she didn’t have high expectations for its overall support.

“This actually turned out to be one of my favorites… I slept like a baby, even though I really did not think it’d be supportive enough.”

House Beautiful: 10 Amazing Pillows Any Side Sleeper Will Love

Once again, our Original Foam Pillow gets its due credit. The author’s review says, “If you’re a memory foam fan and you want a simple all-foam pillow that’s good for side sleepers, try this Tuft & Needle option—it’s designed to be both squishy and supportive, and to adapt to your body.”

The Angle: The 10 best pillows for side sleepers in need of support in 2020

Let’s be honest, we all need support in 2020 and, according to this list, the Original Foam Pillow is your best choice if you prefer the firmer side of things.

From the author: “If you need an ultra-supportive pillow with a high loft and something that will let you sleep on top of it rather than “in” it, Tuft and Needle created a great pillow for you. It’s still comfortable despite being quite firm, and that means you’ll wake up feeling less sore and more refreshed, and you won’t feel like you’ve been straining your neck or shoulders with a low-loft pillow.”

We’ll share more of our list-making T&N product roundups soon! Happy side-sleeping!

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