What Sheets Work Best With A Foam Mattress?

What Sheets Work Best With A Foam Mattress?

December 14, 2017

Author: Shelly Weaver-Cather

Sheets are the best way to add a little comfort to your nights and often one of the things sleepers have strongest opinions on when it comes to accessories. Some prefer crisp linens, while others like a soft, stretchy knit. No matter your fancy, certain features in sheets can make or break your experience with a foam mattress.

Keep the following things in mind as you begin searching for the perfect memory foam bedding or sheets for other foam mattresses!

First, Some Myths About Sheets

It seems like thread count is almost always the go-to feature when it comes to sheets, but that’s not all there is to the story. Thread count has long been touted as the defining factor, but staple length is actually a better way to compare the feel of one set of sheets to another. Longer staple lengths make for more continuous fibers, which translates to a softer feel as you snooze away.

These two don’t necessarily correlate, and it’s something to keep in mind before dropping a pretty penny on higher thread counts.

A lot of thread counts aren’t exactly transparent, either. Thread count is determined by the number of threads in a square inch. Many companies will simply double ply their threads and count them so that they can list a high er thread count on their packaging. Double plying these threads is typically done to strengthen a shorter staple length.

Cool But Cozy

The key to achieving a comfortable night’s sleep is loving the feel of your sheets and sleeping nice and cool. Because traditional foams can retain heat, a lower thread count cotton sheet is usually your best bet, specific memory foam sheet sets will typically have the lower thread count and breathable material makeup. Thicker, flannel style sheets will naturally sleep warmer, though if you’re somewhere colder that might be the perfect option!

We’ve infused the top layer of our Tuft & Needle Adaptive Foam® with graphite and gel to help conduct heat away from you as you sleep. Because of these heat-reducing ingredients, the closer your body is to them the better they work. An airy, cotton sheet set will allow our mattress to breathe easier and keep you cooler.

If you find that you’re sleeping warmer on a foam mattress, looking at your sheets might solve your problem. Try switching the type of sheet that you’re using to see if that helps!

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