Why is this Mattress Rolled Like a Burrito?

Why is this Mattress Rolled Like a Burrito?

June 13, 2018

Author: T&N Team

Burritos are for dinner, not sleeping, right?

You’ve seen them everywhere—online, on TV, on your neighbor’s porch, on just about every celebrity’s Instagram. These boxed mattress burritos just keep popping up all over the place and you probably can’t help wondering—are these things even any good? How can an entire bed flattened like a pancake and rolled up even be comfortable? And surely, if it’s comfortable, it only lasts for a few months right?

Whatever happened to a “good” old fashioned moving truck and two guys dragging something you just paid thousands for wrapped only in a thin layer of plastic through your home—wait, was that the antique lamp your mom gave you for Christmas crashing to the floor?

We’ll tell you exactly what happened.

People figured out that there was a much, much better way to get good sleep, and they aren’t turning back. After decades of dragging our partners to the mattress store on the corner and staring at buzzword-laden model names while a salesperson talks our ears off, people got fed up. Two people, specifically. JT Marino and Daehee Park set out to put an end to uncomfortable shopping, confusing jargon, and insane markups when it comes to having a place to rest your head at the end of a long day.

Having a mattress shipped directly to you door saves you time, money, and frustration all the way around. Set it up in minutes, whenever you’re ready, no strangers traipsing through your living room necessary and no lamps harmed in the process. No wonder the traditional mattress stores have even turned to selling boxed versions of their products—they know it’s a better experience, too.

Now, the one catch—much like with burritos, all foam mattresses are not created equal.

It’s extremely easy to call up a mattress manufacturer and make the cheapest block of memory foam into something that looks good enough, compress it, wrap it in a colorful box, and ship it to someone’s house. That’s why there are so many of these Internet mattress companies out there—making a burrito from the lowest-quality meat and beans available isn’t hard. Sure, it tastes alright, but those mystery ingredients are about to burst through a tear in the cheap tortilla, ruining your day—and your jeans. We wanted no part in that.

At Tuft & Needle, we care about what we’re putting in our burritos (Mattress and otherwise). In 2012, when we disrupted the mattress industry, we didn’t like what the manufacturers had available, so we made our own foam. We didn’t like the covers, so we specially designed one to be exactly what we imagined. We didn’t like the prices, so we decided to charge what we need, not what we can. We didn’t like the way employees were treated, so we did something radically different when we built our company. We didn’t like the way customers were taken advantage of, so we made them our priority and built our entire ethos around providing the best experience.

And then we realized we didn’t like a lot of other things—misleading thread counts, noisy protectors, outrageously expensive and wasteful furniture, to name a few—so we made those better, too.

We craft the best products possible, and ship them right to you, with no fuss, no astronomical markup, and no complicated scheduling. We made sure it was everything you need, and we back it with a 10-year warranty, so you know that you aren’t going to be shopping again anytime soon.

Still unsure? We get it, even though 95% of our customers love our mattress, we’re not going to leave the 5% that don’t out to dry. That’s why we offer a 100-Night Sleep Trial. We want you to be just as confident as we are that your mattress is perfect for you. If it isn’t? No problem, unlike a burrito, you can get all of your money back and someone in need benefits from your return. We’ll schedule a donation and get you on your way to something that works better, no questions asked.

You can go with any burrito mattress out there, but we know that ours is a white table cloth option, for a drive-thru price, and loved by most of our customers.

You’ve got nothing to lose by trying the new way to mattress shop.


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