Introducing Linen Sheets

Introducing Linen Sheets

December 11, 2018

Author: T&N Team

Your shoes land in a heap at the edge of the sand, your loafers clack against her sandals.

You say a quick prayer for your socks.

You hadn’t planned for an evening walk along the shore, but over cocktails and freshly-caught shrimp turkilimano you could see her eyes drifting off the cobbled patio and over the pale beach to the electric blue water. As you stomp toward the sea together, you tally up the evening.

All in all, for a first date, things are going considerably well.

She walks ahead, her long, flowing linen dress rippling in the ocean breeze. The way it pours into a soft current, catching and releasing the amber sunset to your left, lulls you into a strange hypnosis. You can’t stop yourself, this is the moment—you’ll kick yourself later if you don’t go for it. You push through the wet sand and catch up to her, resting your hand on the small of her back. The soft fabric surprises you—isn’t linen supposed to be scratchy?

If it wasn’t wildly inappropriate, you’d wrap yourself up in the breezy weave of her skirt. You imagine a world where everything is constructed of fresh linen—what a peaceful existence it would be. Everything would be wonderfully snuggly and breathe easily. Come to think of it, didn’t you see linen sheets the other day when you were shopping for new bedding? You’d passed them off as stuffy sounding…but this. This was anything but stuffy.

You can see it now. Your bed draped in white linen, the skirt floating on the wind from your open window. How luxurious, how timeless, how charming your bedroom would look at the end of a long day…

“Um,” a confused voice interrupts your fantasy, “are… you going to kiss me?”

A sheet set for those not afraid to have their minds changed. Linen gets an odd reputation for being too stodgy, too expensive, too pretentious, but if you have the guts to take the chance, you’ll have a nearly impossible time turning back. Soft to the touch but never one to be forgotten, linen makes an impression that will only be outlasted by the strength of the fabric itself.

Available in 5 gloriously soft shades starting at $175.

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