Introducing the Down Duvet

Introducing the Down Duvet

October 19, 2018

Author: Shelly Weaver-Cather

Don’t forget to get that thing, the text comes in as you walk out of the office, a long day fading behind you.

Ah, yes, that thing that you wrote down on the grocery list and looked at ten times while you shopped, confident you had it in the basket.

You turn into the grocery store parking lot and something stops you dead in the lane.

Is it… could it be already? Is that a…? It’s true. Outside of the store a cascade of pumpkins punctuated with bales of hay alerts you to the golden shift in light you hadn’t picked up on before.

It’s happening. You ignore your tires squealing through the parking lot as you race home. All along your street, your neighbors’ doors brandish wreaths of sunflowers and wheat. There’s puffy smoke hovering over the chimneys and Linda, your favorite busybody, is in the kitchen window stirring a cider on the stove.

“It’s time!” Your yelling alarms him, he’s up and at the door to meet you. “It’s time!” He doesn’t stay perplexed for long, flashes of corduroy and “PSL” on coffee cups at work sink in, he knows exactly what to do.

Before you can ask, he’s up on the footstool and pushing aside a box marked “Autumn” and pulling out the exact thing you’ve been waiting all Summer for. You both look at each other in giddy excitement and he unzips the plastic on the way to the bedroom. In one swift movement, you yank off your light quilt while he unrolls it in all of its glory.

You wait approximately ten seconds for it to settle before diving in head first, wrapping yourself up in the silky-soft weight of your favorite down comforter. You don’t even wait for him to get the crisp percale duvet cover from the linen closet—there’s no need right now. The down duvet brings with it the memories of last year. The taste of chai, the vivid autumnal hues, the slow mornings, they all slink back, ready to be replaced with new versions.

He flops down next to you and takes advantage of the oversized cut, creating his own cocoon. A few blissful moments slide by before you’re both ready for dinner, a necessary, but short interruption.

“Hey, did you get that thing?”

Introducing the Down Duvet.

True luxury with an affordable price tag, the Down Duvet makes bedtime feel like a reward every night. Our medium weight is designed to be enough heft to feel snuggly, never stuffy.

The humanely-sourced down wicks away heat and moisture while leaving you just enough warmth to sleep tight, no matter what time of year you use it. The oversized dimensions means there’s plenty of lofty down to go around—no more fighting your partner for the covers.

Now available in medium weight and starting at $225.

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