Introducing Jersey Sheets

Introducing Jersey Sheets

October 17, 2018

Author: T&N Team

Before you even open your eyes, you know the temperature dropped quite a bit overnight—gone are the long, harsh days of summer.

A crisp, coolness knocks on the glass of your window. You have to get up, but you bargain with your alarm clock for a few more minutes.

You accept the inevitability of the day, knowing that the only thing that exists between you and your morning coffee (Maybe hazelnut today?) is the short jaunt from bed to kitchen. You just have to convince yourself to roll out from under the covers, poke a naked ankle out into this new chill, and shuffle across the hall.

You’ll warm up on the way.

But in your preliminary morning stretch, your foot catches in a stretchy, doughy valley in your sheets—they’re crazy soft, just like your mom used to buy for you. The malleable cotton slips up and around, embracing but never entangling, and the warmth is just so tempting… what if you quit your job?

You could move to Europe, it doesn’t matter where, but you know that the first thing you’re going to do when you land is nestle into bed in a charming flat and sleep off the jet lag.

You shift, your eyes half open, ready to shake the slumber off, but the alluring knit of those damn sheets pulls you under again. It’s over.

Maybe you could call in sick, just for today.

Introducing Jersey Sheets.

Crafted for cozy, snuggly mornings.

Available in five shades of a 50% Cotton and 50% TENCEL® blend, your sheets will cuddle around your mattress with a just-right natural stretch that won’t over-do it. The fabric is designed to be breathable, moisture-wicking (Cozy doesn’t have to mean sweaty!) and prevent pilling.

Now available in standard sizes and starting at $60.

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