Farewell to the Pouch | Tuft & Needle

Farewell to the Pouch | Tuft & Needle

August 04, 2020

Author: T&N Team

Last week our team decided it was time to say goodbye to our very first furniture product—the Pouch. Our take on the bean bag was the best seat in the house for many, but for a variety of reasons, it’s now time to make room for new products. We’re looking forward to sharing some exciting launches in the coming months, but we know nothing will ever replace the Pouch for its biggest, littlest, and furriest fans.

As we remove the Pouch page from our site, we wanted to make sure that customers had an easy place to access all of the care info and FAQs they may need for the future.


We’ve crafted the Pouch with real life in mind—sometimes you’re going to need to wash it. The insert itself should be spot treated only, but the cover is removable. Machine wash on a delicate cycle, with mild detergent, and tumble dry low. If you’d like, you can Scotchguard the Pouch, but it is not waterproof.

We recommend re-fluffing your Pouch every so often to make sure the filling stays evenly dispersed!


Our 3-Year Limited Warranty covers manufacturing defects upon delivery, such as blemishes in the fabric, stitching, or zipper of the outer cover.

Things that are not covered under the warranty include:

  • Wear and tear of the Pouch associated with normal or aggressive use.
  • Slow decrease in “loftiness” of filling since this type of product is expected to depress over time. Regular fluffing is expected to improve the longevity of the Pouch.
  • Water damage to outer cover, insert cover, or filling.
  • Damage from use that the Pouch was not designed for—e.g. outdoor use.

If you believe you’re experiencing a defect in your Pouch covered under its warranty, please email us at support@tn.com with photos of the issue and the product tag. We can then determine how best to help.

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