Your Black Friday Shopping Guide

Your Black Friday Shopping Guide

November 15, 2018

Author: T&N Team

Our Black Friday/Cyber Monday Mattress Sale might be over but that doesn’t mean you still can’t get a deal. Shop current sales now.


It’s that time of year again!

Red flashy signs in every window that boast “SALE! SALE! SALE!”, hundreds of emails piling up in your promotions tab, a thick stack of ads in your mailbox—seriously, who prints things anymore? Everyone loves to remind you that you should be cashing in on deals left and right between turkey and football games—which is precisely why you’re here, isn’t it?

While we’d love to surprise our customers all week long, we want to make sure you know exactly what and when things are happening around Tuft & Needle, so you can plan your purchases and get the most out of your Black Friday shopping.

No more guesswork, no more frantically scrolling through endless mattress sites hoping to find the best deal, no more adding beds to your cart and crossing your fingers for a coupon in your inbox.

We’ve got your back. I mean seriously, this pun never gets old. Or maybe it does? 🤷

What’s going on at Tuft & Needle

We’ve got plenty in the works and we’ve created this handy little field guide to help you keep track of all the magic happening this year, online and in our stores.

If you’ve been looking to upgrade your sleep, even from your T&N Original Mattress, the entire week of Black Friday you can snag our Mint Mattress for 20% off. Shop the Mint from 11/19 through 11/26 to get the deal.

Have you been eyeing our ultra-snuggly Jersey Sheets or that fluffy, squishy Pouch? You’re in luck, pal! Everything on our site will be 20% off on Friday the 23rd only, so it’s time to stock up on everything you need to never get out of bed again. There might be a few other surprises on our site, so get here early and then get back to bed.

Other places to find us online or in-person:

Picture of the inside of a Tuft & Needle Store

Tuft & Needle Stores

Obviously we’re biased, but we’d love for you to get the full experience with our retail teams at our stores. Find us in Scottsdale, Gilbert, Seattle, or Kansas City.


You’ve already asked Alexa to set an alarm for midnight to shop Amazon’s deals, so why not toss a few mattresses in your cart while you’re at it? On Black Friday, Amazon will have the T&N Original Mattress and T&N Pillow for 20% off.

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