The Apartment Therapy bedroom designed by Anita Yokota using warm earthy tones - greens, tans, blues, and rust colors

Tuft & Needle Is Proud to Be a Partner in Apartment Therapy’s Small/Cool NYC 2023 Design Event!

October 18, 2023

Author: Apartment Therapy

Small/Cool NYC is Apartment Therapy’s award-winning home decor pop-up event with smart and surprising tips and tricks for small, cool spaces. They challenged 18 of the industry’s top designers and design tastemakers to create the smallest, coolest rooms they could imagine in 120 square feet or less. Each room has its own unique, distinct design style — and Tuft & Needle is excited to be a partner for one of them!

Licensed family and marriage therapist turned interior designer and author Anita Yokota curated an artful bedroom titled “Off-Beat and Beautiful.” It’s filled with little luxuries and sleep accessories that set a perfect vibe for rest.

The Apartment Therapy bedroom designed by Anita Yokota using warm earthy tones - greens, tans, blues, and rust colors

“In this room, the energy I wanted to create was a sense of calm. To do that, I opted for tranquil colors and textures as well as honed in on the organizational elements. As a therapist, I know that order often brings calm.”

There’s something about this room that flows. Maybe it’s the yoga blocks and resistance bands, or maybe it’s that much of the furniture matches. For a clean look, Anita shopped from Tuft & Needle’s collection for natural pieces that work together. That starts with the Bestselling Mint Mattress, which is designed to help reduce motion transfer — ideal for those who sleep with a partner or a pet. The mattress sits nicely on the Wood Frame, which is flanked by a pair of Nook Nightstands. On top of the bed are the Percale Sheet Set, Percale Duvet Cover Set, Down Alternative Duvet Insert, and Reversible Quilt. And don’t forget the Original Foam Pillows with Silk Pillowcases! Extra credit if you spot the Original Dog Bed and White Noise Machine. Together, everything supports wellness and provides what you need to take care of yourself and wake up awake.

Apartment Therapy room design featuring Tuft & Needle Mint Mattress

“The magic of design is how it brings more than beauty into our lives. Good design considers what we need to live well in a space, both structurally and also holistically,” Anita says. “My trend for 2024, and forever really, is how our homes work best when we marry function with feeling in every space.”

Apartment Therapy room design featuring Tuft & Needle End Table

Visit Small/Cool NYC and see Anita’s room for yourself! You can walk through all 18 trend-inspired visions, get inspiration for every size square footage, and find out which mattress is right for your best night’s rest at our Sleep HQ.

Small/Cool NYC takes place at Industry City, New York’s hub for media, creatives, and entrepreneurs. It starts Friday, October 13 and runs every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday through October 29. Reserve your free tickets now.

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