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How to Get the Most Comfort out of Your Dorm Room

August 03, 2018

Author: Josie Sivigny

Move-in week is coming up quick for a lot of schools and whether you’re hitting campus for the very first time or heading back for your last semester—your space needs to be perfect.

Not only should it express your own interests and hobbies, but it should be conducive to study-sessions, movie nights, and everything in between.

Your bed, however, might just be the most important. Sure, it’s not the most exciting part about the campus life, but sleep is extremely important to support your busy schedule and constant learning. One night of bad sleep can completely throw you off, so make sure you’re getting the best night’s rest possible with these tips and tricks.

Gilmore Girls TV show still from the episode The Mattress That Wouldn’t Leave

Check to see if you can replace your mattress

Here’s the deal—most schools have pretty stringent rules when it comes to moving furniture in or out of your dorm room. If you’ve ever watched Rory Gilmore head off to Yale, you know that getting a better mattress into your dorm can be a huge undertaking and unless you’ve got a truck (And a Luke!) you’re probably going to find that it isn’t worth the hassle.

On the rare chance that your college does let you bring your own mattress, consider leaving your hand-me-down twin at home and have a mattress delivered in a box. Of course, we’re biased, but a nice, clean box has to be easier than dragging your floppy, saggy childhood mattress through your dorm lobby, right?

If you can’t upgrade your mattress, there are a few other things you can do to make the most out of your dorm room furniture.

Tuft and Needle sheets crumpled up

Invest smartly in your sheets

Your mattress might not be luxurious, but that doesn’t mean your sheets can’t be. Adding nice sheets can up the feel of your bed when you’re ready to crash after a long day. Look for something strong and durable–those dormitory laundry rooms probably aren’t built for hang drying. If your dorm room has a Twin XL (Most do!) you won’t be using these sheets for more than a few years at best, so don’t go over board, but do think about finding something that you’ll love to come home to.

Cotton sheets are breathable and high-quality cottons will last through more than a few semesters, make sure you’re looking into

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Throw pillows

Adding even just a few throw pillows can help cozy up your bed in no time. They are also great for adding pops of color and flair to your decor. Stacking a few cheap throw pillows with a nice pillow sleep with can make your bed a comfortable place to read, study, or just hang out for a movie night when you don’t have room for a couch and chairs.

Corner of Tuft & Needle mattress topper

Add a topper

Toppers are great temporary solutions when you don’t want to spend that financial aide check on a mattress. They are quick and easy to throw onto you bed and the comfort level can be customizable to your needs based on the materials you like. The best part? You can bring it home with you when school is out and you want to sleep just as well back home.

Check out the T&N Mattress Topper here.

Under bed storage Comfort isn’t just about your mattress—your room should be peaceful and calming, which comes down to organization. Your dorm probably supplies lofting materials to add space below your bed—this is a great idea to maximize storage in a tight space. If you don’t have access to lofting supplies, you can DIY with a simple kit! Once your bed is lofted, you can move your desk in, or just utilize collapsible storage bins to help declutter your room.

Check out these great storage ideas for dorm rooms.

Loft bunk bed with desk underneath and a blanket hanging down the side for privacy

Get cozier (and some privacy!) Room dividers aren’t just for your grandma’s living room—they are a great way to carve out a little piece of space just for you. You can go simple with a solid color foldable divider that’s easily put away when you want, or you can take advantage of some tapestries and command strips to make dreamy curtains that give you your own private office.


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