On top of a T&N mattress & bed frame sits two T&N pillows in pillow cases stacked on top of one another with folded sheets on top of the pillows. The sheet set color is Canyon.

Lean Into Your Spring Mood with T&N: What Your Favorite Color of Sheets Says About You.

May 02, 2023

Author: Josie Sivigny

Some say that eyes are the windows to the soul, but at Tuft & Needle, we believe sheet sets give the same insight too. Your bedsheet color says a lot about you, and we’re using color theory to tell you exactly how to lean into that mood.

What is color theory, you ask? From analyzing how shades relate on the color theory wheel, to recognizing how colors affect us, color theory explains why we’re drawn to certain colors and how their hues enhance our own lifestyles. So, whether you’re someone who loves white linen, or you’re a fan of orange percale, read on to see how you can embody what your favorite color sheet set says about you.

Cloud Color T&N Sheets


You prefer the finer things. Soft, satiny sheets. Green juice smoothies. Cool, crisp mornings, and slow walks on an empty beach. Cloud is the color of tradition. It emanates subtle opulence, gentle authority, and an overwhelming sense of finery—qualities you seek within your own life. To ensure you feel as light, airy, and luxurious as your sheet selection, indulge, just a little, in the high life. Unearth life’s affordable luxuries, like visiting a local art gallery or scheduling a wine tasting. And when you come home for the night, treat yourself with scented bubble baths and consistent skincare routines. White sheets are a standard in luxury for a reason, so lean into your cloud-colored mood with soft mornings, tasteful outings, and afternoons full of treating yourself.

Slate Color T&N Sheets


Eclectic and moody is your thing. From your outstanding vinyl collection, to the art pieces styled around your home, your alternative taste gives you a cool, confident edge. Lean into your uniqueness by boosting your spontaneity. Stream a movie genre you wouldn’t normally watch. Order something off the menu you’ve never heard of before. And mix your slate sheets with different colored duvet cover sets to keep your decor dynamic. With your already-cool tastes and a spontaneous lifestyle to match, you’ll embody mod and moody all the way.

Sand Color T&N Sheets


Your life is a carefully curated collection of the things that bring you joy. It’s a seamless production of your design, because, well, you planned it that way. You believe in maintaining consistent sleep routines. You enjoy coordinating your home decor piece by piece. And you’re convinced Post-it notes are the greatest invention known to man. And when every detail of your plan falls carefully into place? That’s when you thrive the most. To lean into your meticulous mood, prioritize consistency within your life. Take up a weekly yoga class, schedule times to catch up with loved ones, and pencil in those monthly moments to finally treat yourself. Our Sand Sheet Sets master the art of blending in, but are bold enough to bring the room together, because we know, like you do, that the subtle details paint the most magnificent pictures.

Canyon Color T&N Sheets


You’re an adventurer. Whether it’s conquering your bustling city’s many activities, or climbing a mountain outdoors, your days are spent finding thrills that speak to you. And when it’s time to turn in for the night, your home greets you with the colors, pictures, and souvenirs that culminate your great experiences. To feed that inner explorer, fill your life with achievable challenges. Sign up for your town’s local 5K, choose a cookbook to prepare a new recipe from each week, or even join a summer sports league. Our Canyon-colored sheets are bold and beautiful, so to match your decor’s aesthetic, seek new adventures that make you feel the same.

Glacier Color T&N Sheets


Overhead fluorescent lights? You’ve never heard of them. You prefer lamp light instead. You like Riesling over Red, but coffee best of all, and you’ve never met a hotel shower you didn’t love. You, like our Glacier sheets, are a sucker for tradition, yet you still like to keep things fresh. Your life is filled with things that intersect those principles best. While not quite Cloud-colored, our Glacier sets exude that soft sense of luxury—and the calming qualities that come with light, bright sheets. To exemplify those new-age-traditionalist values, find new ways to make peace a priority. Insert a eucalyptus bunch over your shower head, so every night feels like a spa experience. Spray your pillows with calming scents, like lavender, to help you unwind for the night. And take an extra moment to reflect on your morning before finally rising to reclaim the day.

Fall Into the Mood for Sleep with T&N

No matter your preferred choice, each Tuft & Needle sheet set color is an absolute mood. Your personality is unique, and with our Percale Sheet Set and Percale Duvet Cover Set available in Cloud, Slate, Sand, Canyon, and Glacier colors, your bed can make as much of a statement as you do. So pick a color, maximize your lifestyle, and lean into your unique mood with Tuft & Needle.

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