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A mattress shouldn’t cost a fortune

Over-priced, over-complicated mattresses have been the standard. Until now.

Unfair markups

Typically, mattresses are marked up 6-12 times by the time they’re sold. That means you’re mostly paying for gimmicks, unfair retail markups, sales commissions, and wholesaler’s profits.

True Cost
  • Tuft & Needle
  • Big Mattress

    Often gimmicky marketing,
    unfair retail markups,
    sales commissions,
    and overwhelming options.

Most mattress companies use the same four ingredients. But not us.

Big Mattress thinks “Innovating” means “rearranging outdated materials to charge you more money.” It’s all these same 4 old layers, mixed and matched under different names so you can't compare and cross shop:

  1. 01 Latex

    The problem with latex is pressure relief. Because the more you push on it, the more it pushes back. This causes painful pressure points. Latex is an outdated material that mattress companies just never stopped using.

  2. 02 Memory Foam

    Memory Foam has no bounce. It's like sleeping in quicksand. And once you’re stuck, you start getting hot.

  3. 03 Springs

    Why is coiled steel considered comfortable? Spring mattresses are mostly empty space, so you get mostly empty support.

  4. 04 Egg Crate Foam

    So-called “Egg Crate” layers are a single block of foam cut in half, then disguised as a bonus feature. It’s an easy way for mattress companies to charge you more while selling you less.

T&N Adaptive® Foam. Innovation by us, perfected by you.

The mattress industry hadn’t changed in years, aside from adding new sales tricks and gimmicks. So when we started Tuft & Needle, we worked to innovate something entirely new for the industry. Unparalleled in comfort and support, our proprietary foam was painstakingly perfected through customer feedback. It’s not memory foam. It’s not latex. It’s T&N Adaptive® Foam. And because it adapts to every individual’s body, you’ll always sleep on the ideal firmness for you.

T&N Adaptive® Foam

Our key innovation is T&N Adaptive® Foam. It offers a gradient of support, so the more pressure you apply, the more it adapts to support you.

Support Chart

Zillion layer mattresses are a scam

More layers means hot sleeping

Tuft & Needle
T&N Flow

We’ve worked hard to reduce our layers down to the essential two. The performance of your sleep surface is what matters most because it provides the comfort you feel and the interaction your body needs. Our innovative foam is what makes this all possible.

Other Guys
Everybody Else

Every mattress layer adds a layer of glue, and every layer of glue reduces airflow. Reduced airflow means hot sleeping, and paying for extra layers you won’t feel.

Cutting costs, direct to you.

Cutting Costs

We run our supply chain vertically and manufacture our products honestly. We cut out the middlemen to make a great product at a fair price.

Sleep on an honestly crafted mattress at a fair price

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