Our Favorite Breakfast in Bed Recipes

Check out our team’s favorite recipes for breakfast and be the hero of your home.

Grab a tray and a small vase with some local grocery store flowers to really dress up your breakfast!

Brooke—Two-Ingredient Pancakes & Shakshuka Breakfast doesn’t have to be complicated to make a statement, these ingredient pancakes are a great base for a meal your SO will love. “I've been making these pancakes for years apparently because below is the blog post I've used since it came out! Super simple, goes great with a side of bacon.” All you need is a banana and an egg and you’re off to the races!

If that’s a little too simple and you’d like to over achieve, eggs poached in tomato sauce, an Israeli dish, is sure to impress. “Shakshuka is also a favorite in our house and is pretty easy! Honestly sometimes I just doctor up marinara sauce with onion, garlic, cumin, etc, instead of doing the whole thing from scratch.”

Brea—Monkey Bread A family favorite, this Monkey Bread can be thrown together the night before and tossed into the oven for a quick bake. Here’s their recipe:

“18-20 frozen Bridgeford rolls 4 Tablespoons buttscotch pudding (NOT instant) 1/2 cup butter 1/2 cup brown sugar (light) 1/2 cup pecans

Place rolls in well-greased bundt pan. Sprinkle with pudding. Melt butter and add brown sugar. Stir until sugar is dissolved. Pour over rolls then sprinkle pecans all over. Cover with (buttered) foil and place towel on top. Leave on counter overnight. Bake for 30 minutes at 350 degrees F.”

Shelly—Biscuits & Gravy “Breakfast is the favored food in our house, so we’re always trying to lighten up what tend to be heavier recipes.” This biscuits and gravy recipe includes a two-ingredient biscuit dough and lighter turkey sausage gravy.

“Preheat your oven and start the biscuits with equal parts heavy cream and self-rising flour. 10 ounces of each will usually make about 15 or so biscuits. You can either use a spoon to drop one-inch balls onto a pan and bake them that way, or if you have a little extra time you can roll the dough out and fold it repeatedly to get a flaky, layered type of biscuit. Both taste great! Brush the tops with more cream before putting them in the oven for 10-12 minutes.

While the biscuits are baking, brown a roll of turkey sausage in a non-stick pan, don’t drain it! Once you’ve got the turkey cooked, sprinkle with flour until the sausage grease has been absorbed. This isn’t an exact science, but you don’t want the sausage to look white, just a light, even coating. Once you’ve got it coated, add in milk (Unflavored Almond Milk or Ripple Milk work great too!) and stir while the milk heats up. The flour should thicken the gravy after a few minutes, add salt, pepper, and paprika to taste. Pour a generous amount over a biscuit or two and maybe an over easy egg!”

Amber–Breakfast Burritos For Two “My husband makes amazing breakfast burritos! The cucumber salsa makes it perfect."

2 eggs 1/4 cup milk Pinch of salt and pepper 8oz chorizo Mexican Blend cheese Frozen shredded hash browns

Cucumber Salsa: 4 roma tomatoes 1/4 white onion 1/2 jalapeno 1/4 cucumber 1/4 cup cilantro 1 teaspoon salt 1 teaspoon pepper

Make salsa first: Dice and deseed tomato Dice cucumber (deseed, leave skin on) Dice white onion Dice jalapeno Mince cilantro Add salt and pepper to taste Toss all ingredients together

Whisk milk, eggs, and salt and pepper together together, scramble eggs. Cook frozen hash browns in pan Heat up chorizo in pan Heat tortillas on a flat skillet on both sides. Add cheese (as much as you’d like, an ounce or two works great).

Take tortilla off skillet. Add eggs, chroizo, hashbrowns, and salsa. Wrap up.

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