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This month, we’re celebrating 8 years of Tuft & Needle! Over the last 8 years we’ve evolved from a small, scrappy startup and merged with one of the biggest, most experienced names in sleep. We can’t thank our customers enough for supporting us over the last (almost!) decade, and we wanted to celebrate the progress we’ve made and how you all have helped shape us. 

2012 | The T&N Original Mattress

The one that started it all. Our Original Mattress lived through many makeovers in the early years, but has continued to be our first love and propelled us forward from day one. We knew it wasn’t fair to charge someone thousands of dollars for a subpar product—so we made a better one, at a lower price, and an easier way to shop. Our customers helped us refine our design over and over until we had the perfect universally comfortable and affordable mattress we’re still selling today. 

2014 | The First Tuft & Needle Office

We moved our small-but-expanding team into our first real set of offices in Downtown Phoenix, and quickly took over both floors of the building. It wasn’t long until our customers started finding us—at the top of a very tall, very ominous metal staircase—and asking if they could try out the T&N mattress. Eventually, we sacrificed a conference room to create a showroom, which worked pretty well until the word got out. While we loved the excitement of our local fans, we started looking into smoother options for our retail experience that wouldn’t involve losing more office space. 

2016 | Original Foam Pillow

So we had our first product dialed in and lots of people were loving it—but what they weren’t loving were their pillow choices. We heard from customers over and over that they struggled to find the perfect pillow for our mattress, and wanted to know if we had any suggestions. In true T&N fashion, we looked at what was out there and decided we could do it better. So we took our T&N Adaptive® foam and pillow-fied it. (It’s a word. Trust us.) The Original Foam Pillow was a hit, and after a few design tweaks here and there, we released it to the public. Our mattress had finally met its match. We also moved into our current headquarters, an incredible historic warehouse in Downtown Phoenix. 

2017 | The Mint Mattress and More

In 2017, we got kind of crazy. We expanded our product line to our Percale Sheets, Wood Frame, and some other accessories.  Oh AND we somehow found time to launch another mattress on Black Friday. While 95% of our T&N Original customers love their mattress, we knew we could help solve some of the issues experienced by the 5% whom had returned it. We used customer feedback on the Original Mattress to design our Mint Mattress, giving it a slightly more luxe feel, additional edge support, and a dark and mysterious aesthetic with our charcoal cover. 

2018 | Serta Simmons Bedding Merger

To better serve our customers, we decided to partner with SSB, utilizing their experience and knowledge to help us elevate our product offering. We’re working together every day to build better, more personalized customer experiences as SSB moves into the direct-to-consumer world, utilizing our own customer feedback to make for smoother shopping across the board. We’re excited to see the ways in which we’ll continue to grow alongside their house of brands. 

2019 | Hybrid Mattress

In the fall of 2019, we launched our third mattress model to expand our offering for those who like a little more spring in their step. The Hybrid Mattress features both springs and foam, creating a livelier bounce than our all-foam models. We didn’t forget about another segment of customers we’d been missing either—we released the Dog Bed for our furrier fans, along with some cozy throws, and expanded color selections for our sheets, as well.

2020 | Welcoming Shelley Huff

This year, we’ve obviously all had a lot going on. There’s one exciting thing we’re happy to share—we welcomed a new CEO, Shelley Huff! We’re excited to shake things up and move forward as a team and keep bringing you incredible sleep products and experiences. We’ll all need the rest after 2020. 

Thank you again to our customers for guiding us over the last 8 years. We’re so proud to build products that help you rest easy. We can’t wait to see what our 9th year has in store!

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T&N Team
T&N Team

Tuft & Needle, a Phoenix-based mattress company, is leading the revolution against mattress markups, poor customer service, and inferior products by creating exceptional, honestly priced products, and redefining the purchasing experience.

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