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Foam mattresses were all the rage in the industry for the last few years, but now there’s a new buzzword popping up in all the new models rolling out—Hybrid. Just about every mattress brand has a hybrid model available, and it’s for good reason. Foam mattresses are great for most people, but there’s a certain feeling that only an innerspring mattress can give that customers missed. For those sleepers, hybrid mattresses give the best of both worlds in support and comfort.


What does hybrid mattress mean?

To strip it back to its roots, the term “hybrid” simply means something that’s made from two other things. A hybrid mattress utilizes both springs and foam in the design for a bouncier, more classic mattress feel but with the added comfort and durability of high-quality foams. The biggest problem with classic innerspring mattresses is that over time, the springs lose a little support and then you end up with large indentations where you sleep. By using springs as support system layered with thicker foams that hold up to years of sleeping, you can get the traditional support of springs without the loss of support.

Most hybrid mattresses have layers of comfort foams on the top half, with one or two layers of springs folded between them to help create a responsive feel. 

Some manufacturers are trying to benefit from the growing popularity of hybrids by referring to innerspring mattresses with a tufted top layer or thin foam layer beneath the cover as a hybrid, so take a look at the design carefully when shopping.

Who is a hybrid mattress good for?

Hybrid mattresses are great for people who like the cozy comfort of foam but miss the lively bounce of a traditional spring mattress. Hybrids contour to you but still bounce back as you move throughout the night, creating a really nice cradle great for any sleeper, but particularly side sleepers. Because of the foam layers, the bounce of the springs is limited to prevent too much motion transfer, so you won’t feel your partner moving all night long. 

If you’ve slept on an all-foam mattress and liked the coziness but missed the bounce of a traditional support system, a hybrid mattress will probably be perfect for you. 

Does Tuft & Needle make a hybrid mattress? 

After focusing on two all-foam models, we knew that there were still customers who wanted something a little more bouncier that compared to more traditional models. We took the familiar feeling of an innerspring mattress and paired it with T&N Adaptive® foam for the coziest sleep ever. 

Individually pocketed springs limit motion transfer and help relieve all of your pressure points no matter how you sleep. Carbon fiber and ceramic gel beads infused into our foam helps create a reinforced structure that lasts and lasts, as well as wick away heat while you sleep. Layering foam and springs creates air channels to help heat dissipate and flow from the mattress, allowing for breathable, cool sleep all night long. 

Shop the Tuft & Needle Hybrid now.

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Shelly Weaver-Cather

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