Tuft & Needle + Calm Partnership: An Exclusive Meditation Cushion and Sleep Story

The practice of meditation is incredibly powerful. It can reduce stress and anxiety and is known to help improve the quality of your sleep. We’re proud to announce that we’ve partnered with Calm, the #1 app for meditation, sleep, and relaxation, to bring you an exclusive meditation cushion and a 30-minute Sleep Story narrated by Mandy Moore.

The collaboration between Tuft & Needle and Calm is one that emphasizes the importance of relaxation, as we both share a passion for helping millions of customers and subscribers achieve it. Our new Calm Meditation Cushion is the perfect accessory designed to help you stay comfortable as you focus inward, on the here and now, and find your center.

You don’t have to be an expert yogi to get the most from our Meditation Cushion. Use it while you stretch in the morning, tune in for remote learning, or as a comfy spot to sit while you sip coffee in the park with friends. The carry handle makes it simple to pick up and take anywhere, and its cotton canvas cover is removable and machine washable so you can easily keep it clean no matter where your practice takes you.

Along with our Meditation Cushion, the Tuft & Needle + Calm partnership brings you Adrift in a Dream, a Sleep Story narrated by Mandy Moore and available on the Calm app. With the comfort and convenience of the cushion itself, customers who purchase our Meditation Cushion will also receive a 25% discount on their annual Calm membership.

We are so proud of this collaboration and can’t wait to hear how much our customers love the Tuft & Needle + Calm Meditation Cushion and Adrift in a Dream Sleep Story.

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Erin Cline
Erin Cline

Erin Cline is a Copywriter at Tuft & Needle and a Phoenix native who began her writing career in 2011. She excels at karaoke and making jokes in uncomfortable situations. Erin has one dog-ter named Baila, loves donuts, and hates mushrooms and raisins. Craisins are fine.

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