Cozy up your casa with our guest-ready guide.

'Tis the season where family and friends descend upon each other to celebrate the holidays. Creating a welcoming space gives your guests a place to take moment to themselves, and gives you the assurance of knowing they'll be comfortable in your home. We created a three-step guide to making sure your casa is their casa, with a few little upgrades.


Upgrade their sleep setup. 


If you have the space for a guest room, say no to deflating airbeds and squeaky frames. Upgrade your guest's experience by making your guest room a space that your guests want to retire to, with a comfortable bed. They'll wake up refreshed and ready for quality time with you, and you'll be the host with the most.

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Make the bed. 


There's nothing more inviting than a comfy bed with fresh, clean bedding. Make your guest room universally appealing with our fan-favorite Percale Sheets, and top them with our Linen Duvet Cover for an effortlessly cozy look and feel. If you're more of a Quilt household—we've got you covered. Our timeless Quilt has a modern look but the classic cozy feel you'd expect. 

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Create a space to relax. 

A great way to make a space feel welcoming is to add extra textures and soft furnishings. Add a throw blanket or quilt will give a finished look to a seating area, and invite your guests to unwind both in and out of bed. Alternatively, create a space for mindfulness—add a meditation cushion and blanket anywhere for grounded relaxation.

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Lauren Baer
Lauren Baer

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