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2 year warranty Two sewing needles 100 night trial No bedbugs No dust mites No liquids

A mattress protector without the drawbacks

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    2-year warranty
    100-night trial
    Made to fit

    We understand that life happens in bed. From late-night snacks to early morning cuddles and everything in between, we know that spills, accidents and uh-ohs happen. Our customers frequently ask us for recommendations for a mattress protector, and to be honest, we just couldn’t stand the way they worked with our mattress. So we designed one to complement the best attributes of the T&N Mattress–from heat dissipation to a snug fit.

    How It’s Built

    We know how important it is to keep your sleep environment clean, so we built a protector to match our mattress in quality and durability.

    1. Protection You Can Trust

      We started with a polyurethane film—providing liquid-proofing, as well as dust mite- and bed bug-protection—and placed it atop a smooth, quiet and luxe fabric.

    2. Soft, Comfortable Cover

      We topped the protective film with the same soft polyester blend we used in our mattress cover. It mimics the feel of our mattress so well, you'll forget the protector is there.

    We’ve Got You Covered, No Matter the Culprit

    "Typical" mattress protectors aren't for you. Our protector is designed to work with your mattress instead of against it.

    • Bed bugs

      These pesky squatters can sneak into your home undetected through luggage, clothing or other items and quickly make your place theirs. Our protective film wraps around 5 sides of the mattress and protects against them settling in.

    • Dust mites

      Dust mites are tiny scavengers who love to take up residence in comfy places like your bed and can cause allergies in some people. Our film protects against these guys getting into your mattress.

    • Liquids

      Whether it is a growing toddler, your clumsy teenager or a morning coffee before you are fully awake, our protector prevents your mattress from absorbing liquids of all densities and amounts.

    What It's Not

    Finally a protector with all the benefits and none of the drawbacks of others.

    • Loud

      No one wants to sleep on a rustling, plastic-y garbage bag. We lined the bottom of our liquid-proof film with a soft fabric to prevent the protector from making an annoying scrunching noise every time you, your partner or furry friend moves throughout the night.

    • Hot

      Waterproof protectors are very rarely actually breathable. Our lightweight and ultra soft cover will disperse body heat above the waterproof film while the graphite in our first foam layer will draw heat away from you underneath the protector.

    • High maintenance

      Our protector is made to perfectly fit the T&N Mattress, though it should fit most other mattresses as well. The fitted sheet style makes putting it on your bed—and taking it off—a breeze. On top of that, it is easy to wash and dry. In other words, it’s made to be used.

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    Select a size:

      This product is unfortunately unavailable in your area.

      2-year warranty
      100-night trial
      Made to fit