Person sleeping on their side in a Tuft & Needle bed for Sleep Awareness Week

Three Essentials for Your Journey to Sleep Better

March 09, 2023

Author: Josie Sivigny

If you were stranded on a deserted island, what three things would you bring?

From creating calming sleep routines to choosing a mattress that fits our needs, each night we do our best to chart a course for better sleep. But sometimes, that journey can get sidetracked. From distracting noises to late-night scrolling, there are endless elements that can interrupt—or prevent—a restful night’s sleep. And a restless night means a groggy, foggy morning. At Tuft & Needle, we want the best for you—and the best means waking up awake.

This Sleep Awareness Week, if you find yourself stranded during your journey to better sleep, address your rest with our sleep tips to help guide you back.

Couple sleeping with their dog and white noise machine on their nightstand

Incorporate White Noise

White noise is a blend of all frequencies audible to the human ear, played at the same decibel intensity. The result is a soft “shh” sound, similar to the whir of air conditioners, fans, or tv static. While seemingly unconventional, white noise can aid those wondering how to sleep better and basically optimize sleep. These machines can either help conceal the sound of other, more distracting environmental noises or provide an even backdrop of sound for peaceful sleep. If stark silence or loud noises in your sleep environment knock your sleep cycle off course, set up your bedroom with products for better sleep, like a white noise machine. With adjustable white noise machines like the Snooz, sleepers can rely on a consistent backdrop of soothing sound as they set sail, once again, toward a better night’s sleep.

Four pillows on a bed

Choose Breathable Bedding

Your body’s ideal sleep environment should be between 60 and 67 degrees Fahrenheit. The right sheet set, pillowcase, and duvet cover can help keep it at this perfect medium. We recommend linen as the perfect year-round, best bedding for sleep. Sourced from the fibers of European flax plants, our linen’s gentle, breezy fabric ensures you’re comfortable no matter the temperature, while its naturally hypoallergenic quality prevents allergens from interrupting your sleep. Bedding is an essential element in creating a successful sleep setup. The next time you wind down to sleep at night, remember that linen can help carry your comfort into the next morning.

Bed with the Tuft & Needle Body Pillow on it

Sleep with a Body Pillow

Sometimes, you need a little extra support. For pregnant sleepers, side sleepers, or those who just like to snuggle, we recommend incorporating sleep products like a body pillow into your sleep essentials. Sleeping with a body pillow can help with pressure relief and spine alignment so that you can wake up without achiness. For side sleepers, placing a body pillow between the knees encourages proper alignment, while a pillow under the knees helps maintain back sleepers’ natural spinal curvature. No matter the position you sleep in, the benefits of body pillows are endless. A body pillow is the perfect essential to help alleviate pressure, encourage alignment, and provide the comfort of cuddling.

Couple snuggled up and sleeping on a bed

Sail Smoothly to Better Sleep Every Night with Tuft & Needle

The journey to better sleep doesn’t always have clear skies. Distracting noises, stuffy sheets, and general discomfort are all elements that can leave you stranded on the island of insomnia. But every journey’s success is measured by its preparation, and at Tuft & Needle, we help support you with the essentials you need. If better sleep is your destination, your bedroom is the ship that sails you there. This Sleep Awareness Week, find everything you need to set up your bedroom for better sleep. Whether the noise of honking horns is a constant distraction, or your scratchy sheets wake you throughout the night, Tuft & Needle has the sleep solutions to create the best bedroom design for sleep and provide a peaceful passage to Dreamland.

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