We Learned What Our Sleeping Positions Say About Us

We Learned What Our Sleeping Positions Say About Us

January 29, 2018

Author: Shelly Weaver-Cather

Have you ever wondered what your sleeping position says about your personality? Body language has long been studied to better learn what we’re communicating when we aren’t speaking at all, and we’re constantly picking up on subtle gestures and micro-expressions without even noticing in our day-to-day conversations. But what are our bodies communicating when we aren’t even awake?

What your sleeping position says about you is a hotly-debated topic, and while there have been a few studies attempting to find sleeping positions meaning, no one can really define a personality from just one trait, right?

So if you’re asking yourself, but what does my sleeping position say about me? In all honesty, the answer is probably nothing. Much like horoscopes and numerology, these sorts of things are more about what you take away from them internally than what they actually explicitly say, or at least that’s what we thought.

We asked a few of our team members to take a very scientific and clearly well-sourced quiz on none other than the ultimate authority on what your favorite things say about you: Buzzfeed.

Yes. We forced our team members to pick their sleep position and tell us how the result compared to their personality. What started as fun and games quickly became deeply concerning and has lead to a small cult forming in our office dedicated to the author of the quiz, as she’s clearly a wizard.


I was very excited to participate in this experiment because anytime I take a Buzzfeed quiz, I discover deeply intimate truths about my psyche. Except. Not really. Like, that has never once happened. That’s why I was SHOCKED to discover that my result was… 100% accurate. This quiz is way better than Myer’s Briggs, the Enneagram- every personality assessment I have ever taken pales in comparison to this 9- option, cartoon-drawing, sleep position Buzzfeed quiz. The author is the oracle of our generation, hiding in plain sight as a click-bait quiz-maker.


Okay, I’ll admit I went into this very ready to laugh and say, “Yeah, sure.” But. This is pretty spot on, and maybe that’s how the quiz is engineered, but it’s still interesting. I have an incredibly active inner monologue (Even I’m tired of listening to me talk.) and something I’m regularly trying to work on is listening instead of speaking. I do consider myself to be somewhat intuitive when it comes to what people need from me, and I’m pretty good at calibrating my brand of humor to my audience.

My downfall will forever be my quick-to-panic nature over small details and my need to analyze every angle of an otherwise benign situation until it becomes meaningless mush. In a true crisis, though, I’m your girl. I have a remarkable ability to repress when needed and get to a solution before crying alone in my car when it’s all said and done.


According to Buzzfeed, my sleeping position says I’m thoughtful and easily stressed. Which could easily be true of anyone. But then they go on and tell me, “You’re a quiet person who needs alone time to recharge”. Which is totally spot on. Not sure I buy the whole “what sleeping positions say about you” thing, but who knows?



For some laughs, I took Buzzfeed’s ‘What Does Your Sleeping Position Say About You’ quiz. Knowing Buzzfeed, my expectations were low—I’m a big enough fan of these quizzes to know that my taste in pasta reveals I’ll never get married, and my taste in Taylor Swift songs say that I’ll die by choking on a banana at a broadway show. So yeah, I take these with a grain of salt.

I stand before you to admit that I was surprised by how accurate my results were. I landed on, “You’re charismatic, but you don’t open up easily”. That’s generic enough, I thought. Though as I kept reading, I couldn’t help but resonate with the quiz’s interpretation of my sleeping position. I would agree that I’m an introverted people-person—I love making new friends and maintaining close friendships, but tend to keep deeper emotion close to my chest. While I’m not sure I’d call myself the life of the party (Thanks for the confidence boost, Buzzfeed.), my ninja-like sleeping habits did highlight pieces of my personality that were closer to the mark than I might have cared to share (Did they just peg me again?).

Click here to take the quiz and check out the different sleeping positions and what they mean (According to Buzzfeed, of course.) and let us know how you compare!

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