Covid-19 Update | The Intubation Box Project

Covid-19 Update | The Intubation Box Project

April 09, 2020

Author: T&N Team

The Covid-19 outbreak impacts all of us in many ways, but no group bears the weight more than our healthcare professionals. There are so many stories going around about the uncertain and scary conditions our medical staff faces as personal protective equipment (PPE) supplies dwindle, and yet they show up to work every day to risk their lives for ours.

As a company, we’re always looking for ways to support our communities, and it became clear that there’s a big need in the healthcare field right now. We’re a team of problem solvers, and when there’s a solution to be found, we know how to get creative.

Tina Reeser, a member of our engineering team, and her husband, Dr. Benjamin Reeser, were discussing the situation he and his coworkers were facing as doctors. Reading about the lack of PPE during a virus that often requires patients to be intubated was scary, and he thought there had to be a better way.

He found a design for an aerosol box that Dr. Hsien Yung Lai in Taiwan shared online. It was simple enough, and they figured they might be able to use our fabrication shop for a day to make a prototype. Tina reached out to Goody, our Metal Work Lead, to see if the space was available, and before the day was over he was already working on a prototype.

After working with Dr. Reeser late into the night, they had refined Dr. Lai’s design to work better for American patients and added a lip for extra protection. These boxes protect healthcare providers during high risk procedures, are easy to disinfect, and can be reused over and over again.

“Goody had a prototype for us to take to the hospital by Tuesday afternoon. My husband got 6 different doctors to try it out, and everyone wanted one. And that was when we realized this is bigger than us, and we need to figure out how to make more and get them out.” —Tina

The design is simple enough to replicate with the right materials. They provide a downloadable design, materials list, and instructions that any local furniture, signage, or fabrication shop should be able to follow. If you’re a medical professional and unable to find local support to help build a box for your team, please visit to request a box.

The T&N Team has already made over 60 of these boxes, and other fabrication companies are donating materials and funds to help make more. We’re doubling down our efforts to help fulfill the requests and need for these across the country, and we think our customers would love to support the effort.

How can you help? These boxes require about $160 to build and ship, and we’re hoping to help get them to as many teams as possible. You can click here to check out Dr. Reeser’s Intubation Box GoFundMe to help get more boxes made and shipped.

Please share this information with anyone you know in healthcare. We want to get it to as many professionals in need as possible. We know the PPE shortages are frightening and we hope this helps protect the people on the frontlines.

We’re also working with SheerID to extend our military and first responder discount to healthcare professionals. Until we can get the online portal set up, please call our team at 877-842-2586 to receive a 15% discount on any of our products.

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