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This Brand's Biggest Fans Don't Even Own Their Product

June 13, 2018

Author: T&N Team

What business sense does it make to brag about your returns?

When you have the kind of business that we do, you get it. Stick with us…

You’ve been there—standing in line, waiting for the clerk to turn their glaring eyes on you and ask, in a not-so-friendly manner, what you need. You mumble something about your purchase not working out, and set it on the counter, hoping they’ll leave the judgment behind and process the return swiftly.

Then the questions come.

What’s wrong with it? Did you use it? What payment method did you use? Is store credit okay?

It’s not, but you nod silently. You just want to get out of there. You get home and collapse onto your bed—grateful to have survived. But something is nagging. That pain on your back is flaring up again. Your mattress just isn’t helping, in fact it’s actively harming. You already know it—but you’re too afraid to say it out loud.

You have to return your mattress.

Calling and begging for relief, just to be told that you’re paying a restocking fee, or worse, you’re only eligible to exchange for an equally terrible mattress is everyone’s worst nightmare, returning never seems to benefit the customer.

We’d love to be able to tell you how many mattress purchasers embark on this harrowing journey every year, but we really can’t—that number is a tightly kept secret in the industry, and even if they did tell you, how many customers were barred from returning? How many returns were forced into exchanges? How many customers never even got anyone to hear them out? How many never even made the call because they’ve been there too many times before, and now their sleep suffers for it?

When we started Tuft & Needle, we thought that was unfair—so we did two things to flip the entire mattress industry upside down.

  1. We made returning really, really easy.
  2. We tell anyone who wants to know how many of our customers return their mattress: 5%.

When you want to return our mattress, you just have to get in touch with us (We make our team as accessible as possible!) and we’ll take care of the rest. You get a full refund so you can find a mattress that makes life better for you—no stress, no tricks.

Don’t believe us?

Take it straight from our ex-customers turned fans.

“The bed didn’t work out for us and I contacted support about returning it. I think the 100 day return period is great and the fact that returned mattresses are donated to charity is a wonderful way of handling this.” –Jason

“I tried for a month and finally gave up… If you decide that you do not want to keep a mattress, they ask you to donate it. They refund your purchase price when you submit the donation receipt. How cool is that?! Just for kicks–since I work at a customer experience consulting company–I emailed their support group to ask how to get the donation receipt to them. I sent my email on a Sunday morning and a customer care agent responded that day.

He wrote that he was so sorry the mattress didn’t work for me and provided information about how to donate the mattress locally, including one option that had free pick up. I chose that option, donated my mattress, and received my refund on my credit card a few days after sending them my receipt. Although I did not care for the mattress, this was a great experience because Tuft & Needle did everything they said they would, which is the basic function of any customer care program. They responded to my inquiries quickly and provided the information I needed.”Kathleen Jezierski

“The return policy is outstanding, we are returning a pillow and was given a return slip for the outside of the box, no questions ask. Now that service.” –Larry

“…I decided to use TnN’s generous return policy. Every aspect of this process has blown away my expectations for customer service today.

Without going into details (because they might cause some folks to try and take advantage of TnN customer support), I’ve been working customer support to get the mattress returned and credited. They have been absolutely amazing! Flexible with time frames, helpful in arranging pick-up details, and hugely communicative.

There are all these books on shelves today about customer satisfaction, but this team could write a new one. I know all this sounds like pointless fluff to support a brand, but seriously, they are awesome. Their mattress wasn’t perfect for me, but when i need a need guest bed in a few years, i’m calling these folks first.”Reddit user Stridercal

“Needed to return unopened products and it was the easiest transaction ever.” –Melissa

“Great service and support. The mattres was great, but my wife did not like it. The return and support were quick and friendly.” –Marcello

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