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Our Retail Team's Favorite Spring Bedding Colors

May 02, 2023

Author: Chanahra Fletcher

Our spring bedding colors have officially launched, and they’re creating lots of buzz. With unique, new colors like Canyon and Glacier, plus our evergreen Slate, Sand, and Cloud staples, the options for bold bedsheets seem endless. Lucky for you, our in-store Retail Team Members can help narrow down your choice. So, if you’re still wondering which one—or two, or three—bedding colors you should purchase this season, read on for our Team Members’ expert opinions.

Tuft & Needle Bedding Products in the color Canyon stacked on top of each other

Our Team Members’ Top Pick: Canyon

Distinct and vivid, our Canyon color is as unique as it is stunning. It’s a fan favorite among our Team Members, with its special color bringing bright, beautiful energy to T&N stores—and homes—nationwide. Here’s what our Team Members love about Canyon:

“Canyon is an interesting color with an interesting name. Like Slate, it stands out when compared to the others, but isn’t overly loud. It’s kind of a casual elegance and would look just as good in a hipster’s studio apartment as it would in an upscale Air B&B.”

“Canyon is such a warm and rich color. It’s in the neutral family, while still being bold and eye-catching.”

“Rust and deep oranges are still trending, and I don’t see them going away anytime soon! It’s a great way to highlight a neutral color that’s a little different, but still goes with everything.”

“I love the muted pop of color that Canyon gives without being too vibrant. It also matches all of my terracotta plant pots!”

Showing all the colors available of the Tuft & Needle Percale Sheet Set and Duvets

All About Our Other Favorites

While Canyon is the current crowd-favorite, our remaining spring colors are still stars in the show. For those deciding between Glacier, Cloud, Slate, and Sand, here’re the reasons why our Retail Team members think you’ll love them:


“I love that we have a light gray in our lineup. It’s a trendy neutral that coordinates with so many colors both warm and cool, and is a welcome alternative to Cloud and Sand. Even on its own, there’s a calming coolness to the color.”


“It goes with everything!”


“Slate is a great color to mix warms and cools together in a room. Outside of cloud, I feel like it is very versatile and a great jumping-off point to mix and match with additional colors.”


“SAND! It is such a good color to pair with whatever color you would like to!”

Find Your Favorite with Tuft & Needle

With a spring bedding color palette like ours, no matter the choice you make, you can’t go wrong. Whether you’re swayed by the opinions of our expert Retail Team Members, or you’re trusting in your own, the spring colors of our Percale Sheet Sets and Percale Duvet Cover Sets are sure to look stunning in any room.

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