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Comfy Valentine's Day Gift Upgrades for 2021

February 09, 2021

Author: Lauren Baer

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and, like every other celebration, it looks a little different right now. We think it’s the perfect time to change up some of those old stuffy traditions! We’ve got some alternative swaps for the usual Valentine’s gifts that will help show your adoration more than ever:

Couple making coffee together in kitchen.

Lingerie → Loungerie

Slinky undies are out, loungewear is in. With the realization that loungewear doesn’t have to mean holey old pajamas, loads of new elevated loungewear brands have cropped up over the last year. Comfort is king of this castle so with washable silk sets from Lunya, modal from Naadam, and cashmere from Nap, you can gift the perfect balance of cute and comfy.

Highline gummies with T&N products

Candy → CBD Treats

There’s no mistaking that sitting around eating has played a large role for many, many people lately. Your boo may thank you for switching out traditional candy for some self-care supps. Luckily these can still come in cutesy valentine packages like these ones by Martha Stewart of all people, and yummy flavors like these from our partnership with Highline Wellness.

Warm fuzzy hot water bottle.

Plushies → Heat pad

Cuddly toys are some of the most commonly given gifts on Valentines Day each year. I’m here to tell you that you’re never too old for something to cuddle but let’s give it an upgrade. You can get toasty toys in pretty much any shape or form. I like these warm fuzzies, and this pretty floral heat pillow, but this microwave plush is available in ten different varieties from corgi, to boba, to… potato. So give something to warm the cockles that’s perfect for your Valentine, Galentine or Palentine.

Phone with headphones on meditation cushion.

Massage → Meditation

These gifts are both relaxation-centric, but a massage during a pandemonium these uncertain times? Maybe not. Turn your relaxation inward and calm the mind. Best of all—do it in style. Our Meditation Cushion is a thoughtful gift that’s cute as a button. You can always bundle it with our throw blanket for extra cozy vibes, plus Meditation Cushion customers will receive 25% off an annual Calm membership.

Woman reading while using a weighted blanket.

Jewelry → Weighted Blanket

This is an objectively luxurious gift, but with nowhere to go and show off your new jewels, why not save the sparkle for another time? A weighted blanket is an incredibly comforting gift and a long-lasting reminder of the full weight of your love. I’m of the opinion that everyone should own one. We like the Luna Cooling and Sherpa, or anything from the Bearaby range.

Essential oil diffuser

Flowers → Diffuser

There’s nothing that says Happy Valentines Day more than a dozen roses, but for something more long-lasting, consider other decorative smellies. Reed diffusers are a less-expensive favorite that are unobtrusive decor-wise, but provide a subtle scent in the home. If you want to splash out, look at an upmarket oil diffuser like the full-moon diffuser (which doubles as a lamp) or this Vitruvi Stone Diffuser.

Couple cooking together in kitchen.

Restaurants → Recipes

Rather than brave the big wide world, why not stay home to celebrate your loved one by cooking up a storm together? There are tons of recipe books created specifically for cooking together and cooking for two. If you’re not quite ready for that level of coupled culinary adventure, you could grab a cocktail kit, and try your hand at some cocktail recipes.

Whatever gifts you give, and however you celebrate, we wish you a happy Valentines Day from all of us at T&N!

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