What's the right Dog Bed size for you and your pooch?

March 05, 2021

Author: Lauren Baer

Recently I decided it was past time for my dog to enjoy the comfort of his very own T&N bed. But upon further investigation, I couldn’t decide what size T&N Dog Bed would be best. I reached out to some of my fellow T&N pet parents to ask for some visual context, and the treasure trove of cute canines and kitties did not disappoint.

So, if you’re looking for a little more guidance on what size would be best for your pupper (or other pet!) read on:


First up we have Sadie the Shih-Poo in the small bed in Desert.

“She’s 15 lbs but she’s actually kind of medium-sized, she has those long poodle legs!” – Chelsea

We may have named it the ‘Dog Bed’ but who are we to exclude our feline friends? Here’s just one of many examples of kitty shenanigans in the small bed.

“Kitty wrestling in the small bed.” – Sarah B

Not so long ago, when we had in-person photoshoots at HQ, we did a BYO Dog day!

“Here is Mya the Lhasa Apso (28 lbs) on the small bed.” – Marisa


First into the medium, we have a multi-dog pile-on!

“This is Cooper (left)—50 lbs—and Sunny the Corgi/Dachshund mix—20 lbs—snuggled in the medium together.” – Kat

Look at that happy little face!

“This is Ryder the Mini Aussie (30 lbs) in his medium bed. He’s a sprawler but he fits in the medium pretty well when he’s not sprawled out.” – Lindsey

Sweet Sadie was one of our baby BYOs back in the day too.

“Here’s Sadie the miniature Bernedoodle (37 lbs) on a medium” – Brooke

Another Dynamic Duo! We have two beautiful Boxer babies bundled in together.

“Shylo is a Boxer/Boston Terrier mix, 45 lbs (on the right) and Lola is a Boxer/Bulldog mix, 70 lbs, (we think). We have a medium and it fits both of them pretty snugly.” – Darin


Loki the Alaskan Malamute (75 lbs) in his large bed.

“He’s a sassy boi.”- Rachel

Zoey the Shepard/Hound/Lab mix (68 lbs) in her large bed.

“Zoey brings the drama regarding her sleep experience. The large is great for her to stretch out at nighttime, and I’m gonna get her a medium for naps during the day.”- Anna

Pappy the Golden Mix (40 lbs) in the Large bed.

“We thought Pappy was going to be at least 60 lbs when we got him as a puppy, so we got him a large. He turned out to be quite small for Golden Mix, so now he is just spoiled with a really big bed.” – Brea


After all of this I remembered that the top cushion of our dog beds are detachable and designed to fit standard crate sizes, so if your dog is crate trained you have a very easy measurement to go by. Take the length of the Top Cushion in the table below, and compare it to the longest side of your dog’s crate. Choose the closest, if it’s in between sizes, I’d size up!

Although I have a long dog, he still has a small crate (24”) so I finally landed on the small bed.

Depending on how your pet sleeps, their size, and the room you have available, only you know the right size for you, but hopefully, these in-context photos from the TN team have helped you decide!

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