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Self Care Ideas: Five Ways to Practice Self-Love This Valentine's Day

June 15, 2018

Author: Josie Sivigny

Let’s face it—Valentine’s Day gets a bad rap. From oversized bears in the supermarket to heart-shaped boxes lining every shelf, the meaning of Valentine’s Day has been lost to cheesy promos, semi-sweet chocolates, and the idea that love is something that can’t come from within. But this holiday is based on something pure, and it’s time to get back to its original purpose: to spread love to your friends, your family, and, most importantly, to yourself. While everyone’s self-care definition varies, its meaning remains the same: to give yourself as much love as you give to others. So, whether you’re planning for a date with your beaux, a party with your friends, or a solo night in, here are five self-care ideas to help you practice self-love this Valentine’s Day.

1. Promote a Peaceful Morning

Wake up relaxed and refreshed by promoting a peaceful morning. For a tranquil start to your day, begin incorporating self-care ideas the night before. Slip into your coziest pajamas and treat yourself to your favorite Valentine’s Day chocolate. Then, grab an eye mask to block light and increase melatonin for deeper sleep. Finally, grab a comfy, lightweight sheet set. Choose a set made of materials designed for softness and breathability, like hemp. Then, pop them into the dryer on low heat for ten minutes. Once they’ve finished, secure them around your mattress, and dive into your soft, warm bed. The feel of warm hemp sheets against your pajamas makes for the comfiest of setups, while the chocolate and eye mask set the stage for the soundest of sleep. Once you wake, take time to reflect before reaching for your phone or rising for work. With the light, cool sheets around you and the weight of sleep slowly lifting, you won’t be able to tell the difference between your bedroom and a peaceful retreat.

2. Take Time For Yourself

Our days can get busy, and amid the hustle and bustle, it’s easy to forget our number one priority: ourselves. This Valentine’s Day, give yourself a little self-love by carving out opportunities to treat yourself. Whether that’s waking up earlier to make yourself waffles, or spending the extra $3 for the coffee syrup you like, allow yourself to put your wishes first. Once you finish prioritizing your wants, make time for what your mind and body need. Grab a comfortable, pressure-relieving meditation cushion and sit in a naturally-lit area of your home. Stretch into your favorite yoga pose, read the book you’ve been wanting to open, journal the entry you’ve been thinking of, and remember to always make the mental space for self-love.

3. Watch Your Favorite Rom-Com

Valentine’s Day makes the perfect excuse to watch your favorite movie for the thousandth time. We know each time you watch it feels like the first, but to make this occasion extra special, watch your favorite rom-com under the cozy knit of a weighted blanket. Whether you’re curled up on the couch or your mattress, the blanket’s gentle weight provides pressure relief when the plot thickens and the scenes get tense. And when the couple you love finally gets together? Its super-soft fibers will make you feel like you’re the one wrapped in that swoon-worthy actor’s embrace. Self-care is all about making time to do the things that you love. So pop your popcorn, get comfortable, and use the chunky knit of a weighted blanket to wipe your happy tears away. We won’t judge you if you ugly cry.

4. Give Yourself the Spa Experience

Whether you visit a salon or bring the spa experience into your bathroom, one of the best gifts you can give yourself is pampering. Conclude the day and prelude the night with skincare. Polish your toes with a pedicure, moisturize your body with a calming skin cream, and take care of any problem areas with a facial. Self-love practices can help stimulate your physical, mental, and emotional health—all with one simple act. By incorporating skincare into your self-care, you can fall asleep feeling your best and wake up looking even better.

5. Gift Yourself Great Sleep

Rest is something we need, but it’s not always something we prioritize. From late-night hangouts with friends to midnight scrolling on social media, sleep often takes second place to our exciting life events. But sleep is an exciting event, and it’s something we should look forward to. This Valentine’s Day, one of the ultimate tips to practice self-love is to gift yourself a great night’s sleep. Wind down from the day with a balanced dinner, and treat yourself to a chocolatey dessert. Set your home to the ideal temperature for sleeping—between 65 to 68 degrees Fahrenheit—and light a candle for soothing aromatherapy. Dress your pillows in silk pillowcases for a soft, gentle feel on your skin, and repeat the earlier steps to promote a peaceful morning once again.

Practice Self-Care Every Day with Tuft & Needle

Valentine’s Day is a holiday to show love to your loved ones and yourself, but just because it spans one day doesn’t mean your self-care has to. Self-love is essential all year, and a great night’s sleep is too. We at Tuft & Needle help you unify the two. Whether you’re looking for skincare that moisturizes as you sleep or a soft, silk pillowcase to lay on every night, we’re here to make sure you prioritize yourself and your sleep, so that your self-love can always fill the air.

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