Picture of the front of a Tuft & Needle Retail Store

Behind the scenes with Tuft & Needle

May 24, 2018

Author: Josie Sivigny

Mattress Advisor spoke with our founder, JT, and learned all about what goes on behind the curtain at Tuft & Needle. Click here to read the story.

“This is a story of two best friends from college that quit their jobs as software developers in Silicon Valley to launch a mattress company. (You don’t hear that one everyday…)

JT Marino and Daehee Park, co-founders of Tuft & Needle, met in college. After graduation, they found themselves working for start-up companies in Silicon Valley. That is until they grew frustrated with their jobs.

“The start-up scene isn’t really what it seems. It’s not that Silicon Valley isn’t innovative – it is. But there are only a few companies actually doing the innovating and the rest, it seems, are chasing success and creating products that there isn’t a burning need for.”

Take Pinterest for example.

“When we were out in Silicon Valley, Pinterest was hot at the time. Hundreds of other companies were trying to be like Pinterest, but Pinterest had already solved the problem. All these other companies were just making nitty-gritty changes, but the core problem had been solved.”

That’s where JT and Daehee’s frustration stemmed from – companies solving problems that were not worth solving.

So here they are – two guys fed up with their jobs and ready to start something new. There was only one problem: they didn’t know what.”

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