Picture from the movie Elf, where Buddy the Elf is eating candy and spaghetti

T&N's Ultimate Holiday Movie Bracket

December 12, 2018

Author: Josie Sivigny

The holidays bring with them a lot of merriment—chilly nights spent in front of a fire, hunting down the perfect gift, endless peppermint flavored lattes.

There’s a lot to love, but nothing quite compares to cuddling up on the couch in warm, fluffy socks with a hot toddy and (re)watching your favorite movies, over and over again every year. And where tidings of comfort and joy abound during the holiday season, we here at T&N have a different emotion in mind:

Absolute fury.

It started quietly—from the front of the office a subtle murmur of “Um, what?” and “This isn’t fair!” rose up and over the desks as a stack of papers made their way around the room. And then? The pings started rolling in.

Why are you doing this to me? Who made this? This is brutal.

And maybe it was brutal. But what’s the Ultimate Holiday Movie Bracket without some bloodshed?

Picture of a Holiday Movie Bracket 2018 to figure out your favorite

The complaints eventually faded and the results rolled in:

National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation and Elf tied, with 5 wins each.

Keeping pace, Love Actually, The Grinch (Jim Carey’s, of course!) and It’s a Wonderful Life had 3 wins.

Charlie Brown, Bad Santa, and Just Friends (Editor’s note: the best one.) each pulled in 2.

A Christmas Story, Rudolph, Home Alone, and The Family Stone got one, despite The Family Stone being declared the clear winner, no contest, by its lone supporter.

What did we learn through all of this? Not a lot. Was it fun? Eh, more stressful than fun. Will we do it again? Probably.

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