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Love what you make

In 2012, we set out to build a better product, and a better experience. Along the way, we've found a passion for creating products of value. We're much more than a mattress company. At Tuft & Needle, we are a collection of entrepreneurs who have come together to build something we could not have done on our own.

Find where you fit

Our Team

  • Adel KAdel K
  • Alanna AAlanna A
  • Amber SAmber S
  • Ashley NAshley N
  • Brea DBrea D
  • Carty SCarty S
  • Cassie VCassie V
  • Chris PChris P
  • Dee WDee W
  • Diane MDiane M
  • Egbet AEgbet A
  • Erin CErin C
  • Fausto BFausto B
  • JD VJD V
  • Jack YJack Y
  • James PJames P
  • Jamie HJamie H
  • Jaren MJaren M
  • Jason GJason G
  • Jayson VJayson V
  • Jeff CJeff C
  • Jerilyn ZJerilyn Z
  • Josh MJosh M
  • Kaitlyn DKaitlyn D
  • Kalil HKalil H
  • Karina SKarina S
  • Katrina MKatrina M
  • Kelly YKelly Y
  • Kristine MKristine M
  • Kyle FKyle F
  • Kyle N Kyle N
  • Lar VLar V
  • Leanne WLeanne W
  • Lisa H Lisa H
  • Marisa MMarisa M
  • Mason SMason S
  • Meaghan SMeaghan S
  • Melanie LMelanie L
  • Melissa DMelissa D
  • Nora FNora F
  • Raleigh JRaleigh J
  • Ray RRay R
  • Renno I Renno I
  • Robin SRobin S
  • Scott B Scott B
  • Serina SSerina S
  • Shelley HShelley H
  • Steven CSteven C
  • Tina RTina R
  • Trevor FTrevor F