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T&N Pouch:

The better bean bag

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    How we built your new favorite chair

    Using our very own T&N Adaptive® foam, we designed the pouch to be truly comfortable.

    1. Locking zipper

      Our strong double zipper provides the best of both worlds. We offer an easy-to-remove, washable cover with a locking inner zipper so that crafty little fingers or sneaky paws won't let the insides out.

    2. Soft quilted cover

      Others charge for their cover, but charging you full price for a piece of a product would keep us up at night. Our pouch comes with a soft, durable cover that is fully removable and washable with a comfy quilted seating area.

    3. Plush yet supportive foam

      We engineered the pouch to be soft and squishy but still supportive enough to be comfortable for an afternoon of reading or relaxing.

    What we didn't use

    Our competitors use a wide range of materials. We decided to take a different path.

    Mystery foam

    Instead, we make our pouch from freshly-poured T&N Adaptive® foam mixed with recycled polyester fibers to keep the foam from sticking to itself.

    Beads or beans

    Beans and rice belong in burritos, not a chair. We avoided hard microbeads because we found they were too noisy and lost support over time.

    PVC pellets

    Rather than heavy, slippery PVC pellets, we decided to use our proprietary foam which is created to hold the shape of the pouch better and offer more comfortable support.

    How do I really know what's inside the Pouch?

    Recycled materials

    We incorporate recycled polyester fiber into our filling to keep the foam from clumping together.

    Freshly-poured foam

    Rather than using mysterious leftover foam, we use our own freshly-poured T&N Adaptive® foam.

    Made in USA

    We carefully oversee the manufacturing process of our pouch domestically to maintain our high standards of quality.

    CertiPUR-US certified

    Our foam has been certified by CertiPUR-US to be free from known harmful chemicals, ozone depleters and heavy metals.

    Test the pouch without risk, guaranteed.

    Sit on it, nap on it, roll it from room to room—whatever you do, take 100 days to test it out.

    100-day trial

    If you don't like it, we offer a risk-free money back guarantee with our 100-Day Trial.

    3-year warranty

    We stand behind our products and offer a Limited 3-Year Warranty.

    Ships to your door

    After compressing and vacuum-sealing the pouch, we ship it directly to your front door in a box, just like our mattress!

    Designed for all shapes and sizes

    Whether you're little, big, short, or tall, you'll love our pouch. It is the perfect addition to any room in your home.

    We charge what we need to make the best product we can

    You shouldn't have to choose between an honest price and a high quality product.

    Lovesac® Fatboy® Big Joe®
    Price $850 $200 $154
    Size 60"L x 60"W x 42"H 70"L x 55"W x 8"H 58"L x 56"W x 12"H
    Fill T&N Foam + Fiber Durafoam® Polystyrene beads Memory foam
    Made in USA USA/China Undisclosed USA/Imported
    Trial 100 days 30 days None 30 days
    Warranty 3 years 3 years 6 months 1 year

    Prices as of 1/3/2018 and are reflective of the non-sale prices of models listed on each competitor's website.

    Product details

    Pouch Dimensions:

    Shipping Box Size:  Shipping Weight: lbs

    The Pouch is filled with a blend of our T&N Adaptive® Foam and support foam, mixed with a small amount of recycled polyester fiber to keep the foam from sticking to itself and offering uneven support.

    The pouch's cover material is made out of a 100% Polypropylene woven fabric that is comfy, durable and machine washable.

    Our foam is certified by a lab called CertiPUR-US. They certify that our foam is both free from harmful chemicals, as well as low on VOCs. They've tested our foam to emit fewer than 0.5 parts per million VOCs. In fact, the main thing that our foam off-gases is carbon dioxide.

    The T&N Pouch

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