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What Everyone’s Saying About Tuft & Needle

T&N is one of the highest rated products on all of Amazon. Sometimes we have to pinch ourselves to see if we’re dreaming.

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There's a lot of talk about firmness, but it's important to describe this bed as "very supportive" rather than firm. What I mean is that it supports your weight well (like a firm bed), but the top layer has enough give to pad your pressure points like your hips & shoulders. For me at about 200lbs this has been great for relieving lower back pain, while still being plush enough to satisfy my petite wife who likes pillow-top beds. It was also my first foam mattress. It feels lighter and more ventilated than a spring mattress. I bought this on a whim, and it was the best blind purchase I've ever made. We loved it from day one, and still love it 3 months later.

We love how friendly and timely everyone is at Tuft & Needle! The mattress fit our budget and arrived just when we needed it. On short notice, my boyfriend and I had to move into a new apartment. We had been renting a furnished place previously, so we had no furniture or bed for our new home. We had this crazy idea, that on a limited budget, and in four days, we could somehow have a quality mattress delivered to our new apartment. We believed that, although we had nothing to sit on or cook with, at least we would have something comfy to sleep on our first night. Tuft & Needle really came through for us. We got the mattress the day we moved in and slept peacefully that night and for nights to come.

From the Press

  • "Tuft and Needle is set to do to the mattress business what Warby Parker did for eyewear."

  • "...standing amid a sea of mattresses, trying to distinguish one from another, is a different proposition altogether."

  • "The company’s founders, who preferred to set one price and stick to it, decided their mattressses would never go on sale."

  • "In its first two years in business, the mattress startup Tuft & Needle has done pretty damn well for itself."

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